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Falling Skies - Another Interview: Noah Wyle Talks Saving the World & Becoming an Action Star

So far from TV Squad:

It's hard to look at Noah Wyle and not see Dr. Carter from 'ER' ... but 'Falling Skies' might finally change that.

The new TNT drama (premieres Sun., June 19, 9PM ET) gives Wyle a hero's badge you can't earn in a hospital: He's helping save the world from an alien invasion. Add to that the fact that his wife was killed after the invastion and one of his three sons has been taken hostage by the visitors' spine-sucking mind-control devices that are basically a death sentence.

To say that Wyle's Tom Mason is having a rough time is an understatement.

I caught up with Wyle to talk about his career's new action star direction and why this alien invasion drama shouldn't get pegged with the sci-fi label too quickly. "I think it's TNT's attempt to try to have their cake and eat it, too -- to try and branch out and grab an audience that doesn't currently exist on their network, while still honoring the one that does by giving them what they tune in for, which is well written character pieces. I think there is something for everybody in here."

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