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TV Romance Competition - The Winner Announced

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Hey Guys,

This is the final post for the TV Romance competition, it is now officially over. I hope you enjoyed it regardless of the winner and the placing of your own favourite couple.

And of course, as was expected for a few weeks now, the winners by a pretty decent margin was...

Dean Winchester & Castiel - Supernatural.

It seems the bro-mance/profound bond (I refuse to ever ask what that means btw :P) have pulled off a great victory with the Supernatural fans who follow the pairs relationship being unperturbed by recent events... that being Castiel turning all bad mo-fo.

So regardless if you love or loathe the winners, disagree with their place in the competition or have undying love for SpoilerTV for including them, it doesn't matter, it's all for fun and if it bothered you that much, don't worry... it's finished :P

Looking forward to playing again next year with new couples, rules, rounds and whatever else we can cook up...

Don't forget to check out the TV Show Competition beginning soon.


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