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Supernatural - Season 6 Finale Theories

With the Season Six finale of Supernatural only days away, fans are feverishly discussing what might happen. We know that one character will die and one will transform, but what does that mean? Will Cas turn out to be evil? Does the destruction of Sammy's wall mean he'll be mentally incapacitated? Is God really one of us? Here are five theories, some safe and some totally out of left field.

  1. Cas Will Fall: Our favorite angel appears to have gone way off-track in his attempts to win the battle against Raphael. He's teamed with the King of Hell after all, so there's no telling what else he's capable of. Personally, I think that the only way for Cas to go is down. Not to Hell, but maybe to Earth. My favorite Cas was during the fifth season when he was becoming more and more human as he slowly lost the power of heaven. It would be a humbling experience for him to have to learn how to be human, relying on the friends he's seemingly turned his back on currently. And we could tie up the angel storyline without having to cast Cas aside.

  2. Bobby Will Die: Every year we fear this. Last year he actually did die for a bit of time, thanks to Lucifer!Sam. But so far the adopted Winchester has managed to escape permanent death, for which we are eternally grateful. However, as we've learned many times on Supernatural, never say never. This has been the year of deaths. Remember, they killed off Rufus, which pretty much cemented in my mind that no one is really safe. I hope the boys continue to have their adopted father around to rely on because a world without Bobby is a dark world indeed.

  3. Sam Will Have All His Memories Erased: The preview clip shows this coming to fruition, but is it all a ruse? A temporary state? I can't fathom that the show would leave Sam with amnesia long-term, since not only would he be useless in the ultimate battle, but Dean just got his brother back. To have him return to a non-Sam state? Much sadness indeed. My take on it is that the preview clip isn't telling the whole story. We know the wall will fall and that it's going to be very hard on Sam, but he's got to be fully Sam by the time it really counts because you can't take one soldier out of the fight and lay the burden solely on Dean.

  4. Dean Will Have To Kill Cas:Well, he's already promised that he'll do whatever he must to stop Cas and Cas has turned his back on the offer of help, so are we setting ourselves up for an ultimate battle between Dean and Cas? I don't think their special bond will save them if it comes down to this. From my perspective, I'd be sad to see this, just as I'm sad whenever we have brother vs. brother. However, it does make good drama. Dean was the last one to think that Cas could be working on the side of evil and he's also come up against the betrayal of family time and time again. If forced, could he do it? I hope we never have to find out.

  5. Crowley Is God (Or At Least Not So Evil): This is the theory from left field, but this is Kripke we're talking about. I don't think we're going to see what's coming and this would certainly be something that no one could foresee. However, let's ponder it for a moment. Crowley helped the boys get the components they'd need to fight Lucifer last season. He was also suspiciously absent when the final battle went down. Does that mean that he's been playing a game that's not exactly evil? For myself, I love God!Chuck, so I'm not quite ready to give up on that idea, but I also adore Crowley and I find his character deliciously interesting. I would love if his character carried over to the next season, especially if he's pulled the wool over the Winchesters' eyes all this time.
So, what will we see in the finale? We'll find out in a few days. But until then, we can speculate. What are some of your theories on what will become of the characters in the Season Six finale?

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