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Fringe - Episode Tables - 3.22 The Day We Died Included

Hey Guys,

The crazy and confusing episode has aired and we have the long wait for Season 4 to begin starting now. You've been voting what you thought of the finale HERE and I've added it to the episode tables for you to view:

As you can see it has slotted into 6th place early on in the voting week and so could still go up or down, but it suggests a lot of love for the episode, yet also perhaps the confusing ending may have led some peoples votes to be a bit lower :P
Also interesting was that 'The Last Sam Weiss' had a strong second half of the weeks voting, and pushed it up to third in the season three table :)

The Complete Series Episode Table is here:

The reviewer table will be posted when I post the final position of the finale episode a week from now.

I hope you enjoyed the season, and found the episode tables another good addition to the Fringe SpoilerTV experience.

We'll be back with this feature next year :)