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Canadian Ratings April 25 to May 1, King, XIII and Endgame all get same number of viewers

Endgame did 128,000 April 25 and pulled an overnight, estimated 103,000 for the episode featuring Wendy Crewson this Monday night (May 2). XIII did 133,000 last Wednesday April 27 at 10. King scored 129,000 Sunday (May 1) at 9. All shows repeat several times during the week with ratings not included it's unclear what Showcase will do with all three getting similar disapointing ratings. But XIII since it is a co-production could have a better chance if Canal+ wants to renew it (no idea on French ratings).


CTV won the night with Dancing with the Stars (2,475,000). CBC skated to second with a round one playoff game (1,766,000) and also scored with the post-game show (911,000). TSN netted close to 800,000 for their round one game.

Global’s House did 1,313,000. CTV’s Mike & Molly (1,139,000) and Law & Order: LA (1,124,000) also topped a million. Global coasted with reruns of The Chicago Code (852,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (886,000).

Pre-May sweeps reruns also kept City totals under 300,000 for How I Met Your Mother.


CBC owned the night with Boston at Montreal (3,025,000) and the most-watched show of the week, the thrilling Chicago at Vancouver game seven finale (3,827,000). The new talent series The Voice hit a high note for CTV (1,493,000), edging a new episode of Global’s Glee (1,487,000). Dancing with the Stars worked a bizarre CTV (1,095,000), A (963,000) two-hour split. Global got nickels and dimes with Raising Hope (346,000) and a NCIS rerun (435,000).

City did well with the Dana Delany series Body of Proof (640,000) and gained 415,000 with The Biggest Loser.

A Buffalo/Philly game on TSN netted 454,000. History’s Canadian Pickers found 201,000.


CBC will miss the Canadiens, who went down swinging before 3,612,000 fans. The 11-minute post-game show drew another 3,365,000. All this (plus the election) helped boost The National to 941,000.

Bounced down to also-rans on the night were Global’s Survivor (2,374,000) and CTV’s American Idol (2,249,000).

Breaking In isn’t; the Christian Slater comedy slipped below a million on CTV (925,000). Reruns did rerun numbers. Friday Night Lights managed 252,000.

The hockey love continues to elude U.S. tilts; Tampa/Pittsburgh did 592,000 on TSN.


Here’s news: hockey even beat Big Bang Theory. The sitcom did an overnight, estimated 2,624,000 on CTV. On CBC, Vancouver began round two against Nashville before 2,789,000.

CTV’s Thursday winners went Hot in Cleveland (1,317,000), Grey’s Anatomy (2,392,000), The Mentalist (2,048,000) all boosting a robust CTV National News (1,365,000). Idol results drew 1,259,000 over on A.

Global had Bones (1,126,000) and the final appearance of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) on The Office (818,000). A Wipeout Canada test on the big network drew 344,000.


A surprising number of us got up early Friday to see William and Kate say their I do’s.

On Friday evening, royal wedding recaps continued to rule the airwaves. CTV’s William & Kate special drew 1,226,000 at 7. CBC’s wedding hour at 8 did 1,044,000. Global’s at 9 drew 574,000.

None did as well as CTV’s Friday night crime imports CSI New York (1,555,000) or Blue Bloods (1,486,000).

All the hockey was on TSN Friday night, with Detroit/San Jose scoring 1,080,000 and Tampa/Washington netting 898,000. A Blue Jays game on Sportsnet drew 683,000.

A new Sanctuary beamed up 162,000 on Space. A threw 383,000 into the Shark Tank.


Canucks lost but won CBC 3,236,000 viewers. The afternoon Boston/Philly tilt drew 883,000. CBC even worked in a little figure skating, with the free dance championships getting 509,000.

SNL did 296,000.


The Amazing Race ran off with 2,742,000, the high point of a robust Sunday for CTV. Their other winners included the season finale of Undercover Boss (1,159,000), Desperate Housewives (1,663,000), CSI Miami (!,761,000) and a newscast filled with bin Laden and election news (1,361,000).

Canucks had the night off, so CBC skated Tampa Bay/Washington to an overnight, estimated 1,453,000. CBC’s National also got a newsy boost (1,064,000).

Global managed 1,076,000 before Obama pre-empted the end of the show with his big bin Laden news.

On specialty, The Borgias got 276,000 on Bravo! The fourth and final two-hour instalment of The Kennedys counted 485,000. Wipeout Canada sunk to 140,000 on TVTropolis.
TSN scored 843,000 with Detroit/San Jose, while Sportsnet batted 536,000 with a Blue Jays/Yankees game.