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Body of Proof - Episode 1.08 - Buried Secrets - Recap

Quality time between Megan and her mom (Joanna Cassidy) is interrupted by another 'DB' dead body.

"You care more about the dead, because they can't talk back."
"Believe it or not, they have something to say."

Joe Salerno, 18-year veteran homicide detective with Philadelphia Police has seemingly been killed in a hit and run scenario. To make matters worst, he was Detective Sam Baker's friend. Megan tells her and Bud that he was already dead when the car hit him. He was killed then thrown over a bridge.

Due to the high profile case, the Chief is coming down hard on Dr. Hunt.

Talking with the widow, Sam and Megan learned that Joe had been moody and distant with his family and stopped making origami for his young daughter. And Bud found out that Joe was obsessed with solving the death of a teenage lacrosse player.

Peter couldn't help notice Megan's hand is troubling her again.

"What is it with you? Every time I have a problem, you gotta point it out."
"Maybe because you never allow yourself to have a problem, Megan."

She tells him this one is her mother. They have a complicated relationship.

All the while, Ethan is awkward around Detective Baker. When Megan asked if he ever lost a friend, he finds his own way to tell Sam he knows how she feels. His only friend was a guinea pig Kenny. No one understood why he cried over his lost pet.

It was Megan's theory that whoever killed the girl must have killed Joe too for getting closed to nailing her murderer. Although Kate wants her to solve the police detective case only, Megan still pursues it by having her mother, the judge authorize an exhumation request of the girl.

The cemetery is also where her father David Hunt is buried. We find out he had committed suicide.

Despite incurring the wrath of her boss, Megan worked with Kate to find out how the girl had died. They surmised that's why Joe was murdered. He had found the crime scene.

Why? Megan wants to know why a loving father and husband was moody and withdrawn, stopped talking to his wife, and stopped making origami for his daughter. Maybe he was frustrated with his case, it doesn't explain his behavior. Megan thinks Joe would still be folding paper. The dead did have something to say. With Curtis' help Megan learns that Joe was sick.

When it came time to confront the murder suspect, Megan hits him in the arm. Then she bluffed her way to a confession. Scaring his killer into believing he was dying from rat poison.

Solving the case inspired Megan to find out what happened to father. Joan doesn't. She reminds her, that she was the only one that wants to look now.

Collective Soul's Hymn for My Father play as Megan finds origami paper among Joe's personal effects and gives it to his little girl.

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I'm looking forward to the season finale, next week.