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Supernatural - season 7 - RUMOR - Will Misha Collins remain for season 7?


When I first saw the Twitter post that Supernatural may be getting rid of supreme angel Castiel, I knew sparks would fly. Let me reiterate that this is only a rumor at this point. It could be a sail-stirring hoax, it could be a practical joke, or it could be the best PR stunt anyone at the CW ever thought up. Um, no, that's giving them too much credit. Still, no one knows if the following Tweet is true or not.

Supernatural Freak
#spn #supernatural IMPORTANT NEWS!!! Misha Collins has been written off the show! I'm friends with his manager and he told me just now!

What I do know is that even if the rumor is true, it may not mean what people are thinking. Currently, Misha Collins has regular status which means they have to pay him his contracted amount no matter how many episodes he is in. Guest stars get paid strictly by if they are in the actual show. I don't find it strange given the CW budget that they would want to reduce the number of contracted actors they are paying. Quite frankly, the fact that Supernatural would only have two contracted stars would make it look cheaper whether it was in actuality or not. That is appealing when right in the middle of renewal negotiations. Remember that Jim Beaver as Bobby is still a guest star and he was in the show more than Misha was this year, including having an entire episode dedicated to him.

Before people freak out, it may be helpful if we get some confirmed facts because right now, things may signify drastic changes to Castiel's character or it may seem seamless from the viewers standpoint with most changes taking place in the business office. That is if it's even true. Plus, we still have to get the official season 7 renewal before any of this.

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