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SpoilerTV Favourite TV Romantic Couple Competition - Who Is In The Final Competition + Poll For Final 5 Places

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UPDATE 29/04/11: I've just returned home from work to witness the rather embarassing mess for everyone involved that is parts of the comments section. I will stress this is a competition that means nothing to your show, and you can happily go about watching it with different opinions to others. I doubt that the writers of Supernatural or any other show will see this and go "You know what, over on SpoilerTV 3500 people wanna see Dean & Castiel together, so let's do it." Instead of pointless and pathetic moaning, how about heading to a different post or even better recruiting friends of your cause to vote for someone else. The trick with a competition is that often you rout for different sides. What I've read through below will NOT happen again, and if there is more posts/arguments which we deem against site policy and code, we will instantly eliminate the characters from the competition and ban users from the website. Try and take things with a pinch of salt, and more fun.

Hey Guys,

The votes and nominations are all counted and in, and I have spent many hours sorting through the hundreds of nominations, sorting out the votes from the comments, the double voters from the single voters and have a spreadsheet of over 200 different couples. It's taken me a while, but the final list is now complete and the top 27 couples are automatically into the final competition.
However, as there was so many votes, so many people trying to double vote and seeing as even though I spent a lot of time sorting through all of these votes, the bottom 14 couples were so close (within 1-3 votes of each other) that it only seems fair to give these couples a chance to stake their claim to make the final competition.
The poll is below and you can make two votes in this poll, and the top 5 of the 15 couples will find themselves in the final competition.

Before we do the poll, congratulations to these TV Couples who you voted into the finals for definate...

1. Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
2. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
3. Richard Castle & Kate Beckett - Castle
4. Peter Bishop & Olivia Dunham - Fringe
5. Dan Humphrey & Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
6. Chuck & Sarah - Chuck
7. Seeley Booth & Temperance Brennan - Bones
8. Jack Shephard & Kate Austen - LOST
9. Nikita & Michael - Nikita
10. Fox Mulder & Dana Scully - The X Files
11. Nate Archibald & Serena van der Woodsen - Gossip Girl
12. Greg House & Lisa Cuddy - House
13. Clark Kent & Lois Lane - Smallville
14. Meridith Grey & Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy
15. Sawyer & Kate Austen - LOST
16. Stefan Salvatore & Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
17. Buffy Summers & Spike - Buffy
18. Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson - Glee
19. Dan Humphrey & Serena van der Woodsen - Gossip Girl
20. Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse - True Blood
21. Monica Gellar & Chandler Bing - Friends
22. Caroline Forbes & Tyler Lockwood - The Vampire Diaries
23. Buffy Summers & Angel - Buffy
24. Tony DiNozzo & Ziva David - NCIS
25. Sawyer & Juliet Burke - LOST
26. Finn Hudson & Rachel Berry - Glee
27. Rachel Greene & Ross Gellar - Friends

One show that shot itself in the foot is One Tree Hill, which although getting lots of votes, were spread amongst a huge range of characters, and therefore finds no couples definitely in the finals, but three couples in the playoffs...

Time To Vote Folks... (You get two votes don't forget and the top 5 go through!)

Hope you're enjoying the competition, and let me know who you think will win in the comments below.

Twitter: @AdDHarris


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