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UPDATE 23/04/11: Approaching the final few days of the Nomination Stage. Get your nominations in now!
UPDATE 21/04/11:Don't forget to get in your nominations. Only a few days left!
UPDATE: A couple of hours in and already over 300 comments. Great stuff guys...

TV Romance.

Some hate it, some couldn't care one jot. Some people are violently opposed to it ever being put onto a small screen! But then there are some who love it, in fact they don't just love it, they go nuts over it. I am certainly not violently opposed to it, I often think that a little bit of romance is good for a TV show in general. I am however not someone who goes nuts over it and I find other elements more intriguing in general.

However, Andy and myself both know how hugely popular it is and therefore I'm going to run a competition for the people who are into this sort of plot in television to get the chance to really prove just who should be together and who shouldn't.
Based purely on this poll about Gossip Girl, we saw over 7,000 votes in the poll, 354 comments and a staggering 15,000+ pageviews. That shows just how big this competition could become! We're excited to get it going but as mentioned, both myself and Andy are not qualified to pick any TV couple at all, let alone the 32/64 (depending on how many nominations we get) that would make up the main competition.

That is where you lot come in. Below is a the chance you've been waiting for to let us know who should make the final competition. We are looking for 64 TV couples from shows both old and new to put into the competition which will start as soon as I've finished the Movie Character Competition.
That leaves about a week or so to get in your nominations for the TV Couples you want in the competition.

How To Nominate
1. In The Comments Below Copy & Paste In This Text:

TV Couple Nomination 1:
TV Couple Nomination 2:

2. Enter after the ':' which two couples you want to nominate.
3. It's key that you write both of the characters names, e.g. Ross & Rachel.
4. It's also key that you write in the show, e.g. Friends.
5. So a nomination would look like this: Ross & Rachel - Friends.

I know that sounds simple, but when I have hundreds of nominations to read through and add up to see who is in the competition it is a major time waster when I'm filtering through tons of text looking for the two characters. Please write as much as you want in the comments, but also write clearly the nominations!

The other key thing is to spread he word via facebook, twitter, and every other source you have. We want this to be huge.

The key of course is to have fun!

Any questions can come to me at
Also, don't forget (whilst spreading the word :P) that you can follow me on Twitter here: @AdDHarris


I've just spent over 4 hours sorting through the 900 different comments and seeing making sure that I've not missed anything and that no one has been cheating to the best as is possible.
As I've been going through it, it has become clear that the competition would be vastly inferior should we decide to separate up the competition into two separate camps of canon and non-canon. Also defining the line is virtually impossible for me to do, and no matter what is the best way to attempt this, I will encounter people disagreeing.
Therefore there will be one 32 couple competition, which will be a knockout and will be the top 32 voted couples that I get. From now on I will not endorse, show support or write anything that suggests any favouritism, support or anything.
It's become clear that the bigger problem people had was with the picture I posted at the top of this post which caused a bit of concern. This has gone and is forgotten about :)
For those interested, them the current top ten nominated characters can be found HERE
All topics related to the competition should be kept within the competition posts as well :)

I hope this pleases everyone and is as fair as can be.

I'm looking forward to getting the main event going, I'm sure there are going to be some incredible polls coming up.

Apologies for the too-ing and fro-ing but I think we've reached the best solution.


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