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Parks and Recreation - Episode 3.09 - April and Andy's Fancy Party - Review

Hello there SpoilerTV readers, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Although the break from writing these reviews has been nice, I have definitely been missing the people of Pawnee. Tonight was not just a normal episode, but a complete shocker! Unless you looked ahead of time at the production photos that were posted here, you would have had no idea that April and Andy are tying the knot! Ahhh young love, foolish foolish young love.
To start things off, the cold open in the episode was fantastic. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sight of Rom pulling out his tooth with a pair of pliers, the horrified reactions of the coworkers, and then of course Ron explaining that he had the tooth pulled the day before. Plus it’s always fun to see Tom faint.

Innocently enough, April and Andy invite the gang to a dinner party, with odd requests to bring things like silverware and cooked steak. The whole concept of a party is just a great way to bring a large group of characters together, and this episode does not disappoint. We’ve had a dinner party already on the show before, so this one needed to stand out by taking a different route. So naturally it turns into a surprise wedding.

Should April and Andy be getting married? Probably not. Does it feel right for their characters? Oddly, yes. April’s still a kid, and Andy is just an overgrown kid, and kids make rash decision. Also, it’s been nice to see April so happy lately. Anyways, the real story of the episode is not that they’re getting married, but what this does to the other characters who are either directly or indirectly involved.

Leslie is the first to find out about the surprise, and in typical Leslie fashion freaks out and tries to change their mind. At first. But then we see a change in Leslie, after struggling a bit she decides to butt out and let them get married. Could you have imagined that from the Leslie we knew in seasons one or two? Nope for Knope. She’s been growing up and developing as a character, and maybe all of her success this year has mellowed out her ridiculous amount of meddling. Also it probably helps that April and Andy’s parents are present and seem very happen with no misgivings at all. The only one that seemed to care was Leslie, and that melted away with the start of the music.

So let’s talk about this adorable impromptu wedding. The music was Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘April Come She Will’, which was all too perfect. The bridesmaids were April’s ex-gay boyfriends, and it was nice to see them again if only briefly. Andy wore a football jersey tucked into khaki pants. They high five at the altar. April’s vows were, “I guess I kinda hate most things. But I never really seemed to hate you.” So I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?” Andy’s vows were, “April you are the most awesome person I have ever known in my entire life. I vow to protect you. From danger. And I don’t care if I have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him. You’re mom. I would take them down. I’m getting mad right now even telling you. I wanna spend the rest of my life, every minute with you, and I am the luckiest man in the galaxy.” And then the animal control people throw a dead pigeon into the crowd.

Tom has had dreams for years of being a best man. The glitz, the glamour, the loose bridesmaids. Once he finds out that the party is actually a wedding, he asks Andy if he could be his best man. He says yes, but then proceeds to ask Ron and Chris too. So naturally Tom gets jealous. He didn’t even get to hold the rings! His last moment to shine is the speech, and he even gets some help from the amazing Jean-Ralphio, but in the end he didn’t get to talk. Tom has been on the short end of the stick throughout Parks, and for me at least it’s starting to get old. Am I the only person that wants tom to start winning at something? Maybe later on in the season, but I’m afraid too many let downs are going to end up damaging his fragile ego. Yes that was sarcasm.

The non-wedding related storylines concern the growing relationship between Ben and Leslie, and the continued downward spiral of poor poor poor Ann. Let’s talk about Leslie first. Ben has to make a decision, to either stay in Pawnee or move on. If he decides to stay, it would only be for one reason, and that of course is Leslie. In a classic move he asks Leslie what she thinks. Naturally she doesn’t want to either admit she has feelings for Ben or let Ben know she might have feelings, so she tries to be impartial and suggests one of her famous pro’s and con’s lists. Similar conversations continue throughout the episode, and the back and forth subtext was fairly loaded. But in the end Ben decides to stay, and Leslie has to tone down her reaction. Eventually these two are just going to say screw it and head down to the cheapest motel, but until then expect more unspoken tension. I predict that this will drag out until the season finale, but I could be wrong.

Oh Ann. So confident and strong with a man, so lost and alone without. On this particular night she heads to a singles bar, because apparently Chris has sucked her of the power to find attractive men on her own. Even sadder, she has to ask the event coordinator for instructions on what to do. She’s like a poor bird that has had its wings clipped, and no longer can fly. Never fear, Donna to the rescue! Apparently Donna had no interest in the Dinner Party/Surprise Wedding, and ended up in the same bar as Ann. Under her tutelage, Ann starts to make some progress, both at the bar and in her quest to get over Chris by using men. Not sure if in the end she’s going to be thanking Donna or not. Either way her path to slutdom is entertaining.

Overall what I liked most about this episode was probably the set decoration of the house that they had the party in. I’m sure whoever was in charge had a fun time putting together that mess, here are a few things that I noticed while I was re-watching this episode: chandelier of crushed coke cans, a cardboard clown, Cheese Doodles everywhere, a strange emo kid named Orri, mannequin wearing straw hat, and of course MouseRat and Scarecrowboat posters everywhere. All in all another solid and downright sweet night in Pawnee.

Favorite Quotes:
  • “Well this is a great city. You know it’s definitely the best city in Indiana. Probably America. Possibly the world.”
  • “We’re in the jungle. There are no friends in here! It’s every woman for herself.”
  • “To be honest I wasn’t a fan of Peter Jackson’s interpretation, so you can put that one away.”
  • “Why are you doing this? Why is this great thing happening.”
  • “And suddenly I was like, what if we got married tomorrow? And she was like, fine.”
  • “One of my life goals is to be a best man. It’s a baller position. You get drunk, you make speeches, and you make love to the prettiest bridesmaid, usually standing from behind.”
  • “You don’t know each other middle names?”
  • “Such a loser, can’t believe I’m marrying him.”
  • “Nothing else, in my entire life, would make me happier, as long as I live.”
  • “No Orrin I don’t know how I’m going to die. Wait are you asking me or telling me?”
  • “Wow, my Brita filter is older than their relationship. Wait a second should I change my Brita filter?”
  • “I love April and Andy. I want them to stay together. And that is why I have to stop their wedding.”
  • “I can’t emphasize how little we thought about this.”