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Nikita - 1.20 - Glass Houses - Review

"Glass Houses" was the first episode of Nikita for the May sweeps period and it certainly did not fail to deliver.

After three of the black boxes are destroyed, Percy is eager to stop the rest from suffering the same fate. Michael and Nikita go to find one of the guardians. Nikita discovers that the guardian, Dana, is living a happy life with a family and wants to help her escape from Division. In the process of helping Dana escape, all the Division squad, apart from Michael (as usual) are killed. Is Michael really going to be able to keep this up?

The whole Dana story lacked a bit for me. The pace seemed rather slow but it was nice to see Nikita see herself and Daniel when she looked at Dana. These reminders of Nikita's life during her time as an agent remind me of why she is such an extraordinary woman and why she is fighting to bring Division down.It was also pleasant to see Michael and Nikita interacting so well together. I did think the two of them becoming a pair could lead to a lack of tension, and although I think that might have had some effect this week, it is still well balanced for me.

Although the main story lacked a bit in suspense, Alex and Jaden's storyline certainly delivered and wow, I did not see this coming. Amanda suspiciously sends the newly appointed agent, Jaden, to visit Alex at her apartment. Nathan turns up and uses the term "Government Assassins" in front of Jaden while handing back Alex her clothes. Jaden discovers that Alex has been revealing her identity and starts attacking Alex. This fight was so epic. Jaden really has some good moves. Just as we thought Alex was a goner, bang, Nathan shoots Jaden, dead! Very unpredictable and I did not seen Jaden's death coming in a million years!

A panicking Alex phones Nikita asking her what to do but she is unable to help her. Back at Division, it looks like Amanda believes Alex's story about what happened. As Alex went to leave, Amanda reveals that Jaden had an audio device in her ear. Amanda heard the conversation with Nikita! Again, I really thought Alex would get out of it with no issue. Was a nice twist to have the audio device there.

Overall, although the suspense and pace of the episode did not compare with recent episodes, the shocks that were revealed made the episode worthwhile. I really have no idea what is going to happen now. Will Nikita save Alex? If she does, will she have to bring down Percy at the same time? I can't see another way! One way or another, cudos to the writers! The story has been set for the remaining episodes and I can't wait.

What did you guys think?