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New Navigation Icons and Upcoming Features

Hey all,

We're pleased to announce that we've made some improvements to the Navigation here at SpoilerTV based on your great feedback. We've introduced a new set of Icons that expose some of the more hidden features here at SpoilerTV so that you have quick access to them.

A massive thanks to the talented Jill who spent her own free time in creating these great looking graphics for us to use.

The icons appear at the top of the page and provide you with quick 1 click access to some of the features that you may not have even known existed.

We hope you find them useful. Any bugs/suggestions please let us know.

Also we're progressing well with some new features coming soon.

1) A fully configurable Android Application for SpoilerTV
2) A fully configurable iPhone Application for SpoilerTV
3) A very cool looking Application for the iPad
4) We're also working on the ability for all videos to work on all of the above devices regardless of whether you have Flash installed
5) An improved Chrome Extension to provide faster operation
6) An extension, like the Chrome one but for Firefox.
7) Plus more features in the future.