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Question: I’m dying for more information on Castle and Beckett sharing the same hotel room in Castle‘s upcoming L.A. episode. —Ashley
It’s not as contrived as it sounds. There’s actually a very plausible explanation for the slumber party. “Beckett booked a hotel on a cop’s salary that’s located all the way out in the valley,” explains exec producer Andrew W. Marlowe, “and Castle has a two-bedroom suite at a high-end hotel in Beverly Hills.” Um, duh. The Valley vs. 90210? Take it from an L.A. sorta-native — it’s a no-brainer. Anyway, one thing leads to another which, in turn, leads to… sex? “She certainly thinks about it, and considers it,” teases Marlowe. “She’s emotionally raw because they’ve come out to Los Angeles in the aftermath of the murder of her training officer, so she’s dealing with those emotions and kind of where she is in life. We call it our ‘Walls of Jericho’ moment for any [viewers] out there who are fans of It Happened One Night.” (Someone please CliffsNotes that last sentence for me in the comments; I cover TV, not movies.)

Question: Any scoop on The Big Bang Theory? —Amanda
An upcoming episode sounds as much like Grey’s Anatomy as it does BBT. When Howard breaks it to his overbearing mother that he and Bernadette are engaged, “things go terribly wrong, as you’d expect,” teases the groom-to-be’s portrayer, Simon Helberg. “There’s some dramatic moments, [but] it’s very silly and crazy — and very funny, hopefully.” Moreover, he teases, “It’s not what you expect it to be….” Hmm.

Question: Anything on The Big Bang Theory finale that tapes today? — Laura
You bet. Turns out that once Simon Helberg (Howard) starts doling out the scoop, he isn’t apt to stop. Not only does he tell us, “Bernadette gets a promotion, and that affects Howard in a certain way” — which I assume, fortune-cookie style, means in bed — “things will come to a head with Leonard dating Raj’s sister, and how Penny feels about that.”

Question: OK, so I’ve read you for years, but never sent one of these in. But now I find myself in desperate need of something — anything — related to my new favorite show, The Killing. Pretty please with Smurfs on top! —Christyn
Does Seattle’s public transit system hold the key to Rosie Larsen’s murder? That’s the question Stephen, Sarah’s crazy-eyed partner in crimesolving, will be asking himself this Sunday when he attempts to replicate a typical day in the life of the dead teen. Further down the line — warning: major spoiler alert! — I hear Michelle Forbes will pick up the 2011 Emmy for best supporting actress in a drama.

Question: I’m just looking for a confirmation that Glee‘s Blaine will transfer to New Directions with Kurt. —Ellen
I will confirm no such thing. And neither will Darren Criss, who —truth be told — is in no rush to ditch his fellow Warblers. “I don’t want to leave Dalton,” he confesses. “I really enjoy it there. But it’s not my call. I’m happy to serve whatever story they want. But I just like being at Dalton too much. I don’t want to leave.” Speaking of Glee‘s breakout star, what’s the latest on his promotion to series regular? “I have no idea,” Criss shrugs. “My answer to everything is, ‘Whatever they want.’ I’ve been pretty lucky thus far.”

Question: The Grey’s Anatomy finale — five words or less. Go. —Sharon
Probably better to ask someone who’s actually read the script — like Sarah Drew! “Big, emotional things happen,” she tells us. “Something happens to April, which will change her future.” And for the record, that something does not involve the Big V. Says Drew with a smile: “She’s not losing her virginity yet.”

Question: Please tell me the Gossip Girl producers are going to give Jessica Szohr something to do in these final five episodes. The girl has been a glorified extra all season. —Deb
Glorified extra is a bit of an exaggeration. Can we compromise and call her an Under-Fiver With Benefits? But per exec producer Stephanie Savage, Szohr’s increasingly isolated alter ego is about to get sprung from the backburner. “Vanessa’s very much a part of the rest of the season,” says the boss. “She will make a bold move by the end of the season [that] could put her back in their good graces… or it could put her out of their good graces forever.”

Question: Every other spoiler site has given us Gossip Girl scoop on Chuck and Blair. It’s now your turn. —Melissa
Before you dive into these final five episodes, repeat after me: Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm. Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm. Chuck would never intentionally cause Blair physical harm.

Question: How does House plan to write Amber Tamblyn off the show? —Paul
Sounds like Masters is gonna crack! “She’s going to potentially break one of her own rules in a very interesting way,” aspiring TV teach Amber Tamblyn says of her final episode. “And it’s going to break Masters a bit, which will be really interesting to see because she’s kind of been unbreakable, though she’s always given the hint of being vulnerable. She could be blown over any second — and that’s what you’re about to see.”

Question: Bones EPs Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan must have finished writing the season finale by now. Anything you could disclose to us about the hour? —Amanda
You already know that Angela gives birth in the episode. But what you may not know is that Ang’s regular OBGYN is MIA, which paves the way for a new baby doc to enter the picture. Like a Zen garden in the middle of a hurricane, Dr. Bano is the picture of calm and serenity. Nothing fazes her, not even Angela and Hodgins consulting on a case from the delivery room via Skype with Cam and Wendell! Hilarious!

Question: I am positively dying after the amazing Pretty Little Liars season finale. Megan’s interview with Oliver Goldstick helped (a little), but there is no way I can make it until June without some Liars scoop! Any tidbits you can share — particularly about my favorite Liar (Hanna) and the sweetest guy in Rosewood, Lucas? —Paige
When the show returns, it’ll be the dynamic between Lucas and Caleb that will have fans talking. “A budding bromance is formed,” reveals exec producer I. Marlene King of the polar opposites. “It’s a lovely story between Lucas and Caleb, so that’s going to play out over the summer episodes.” And what about Hanna’s reaction to Caleb’s return? “We literally just filmed the scene where Hanna realizes Caleb is back in Rosewood and it’s just so bittersweet,” King swoons. “It’s so lovely. So I can’t wait for our fans to see it. She’s happy to see him, but she’s not going to let him know that.”

Question: Psych. One of the funniest shows out there. Any spoilers or something to hold me over until the new season? —Mildred
Try this on for size: The series is remaking The Hangover! Well, kinda. In what’s sure to be a much-talked-about eppy, Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody wake up in the Psych Office without even a fuzzy recollection of the preceding evening of shenanigans. (Shawn’s hot hook-up sure does, though… ) More troubling? They might have killed somebody!

Question: Will Jill and Hank ever admit they love each other on Royal Pains? I am all for a bit of “Will they/Won’t they?” but this is getting ridiculous. — Nancy
I have bad news for you, Nance. Word is, the show is introducing a new love interest for Hank — and she may stick around full-time.

Question: Hey! What’s the word on Robin from How I Met Your Mother? Anything juicy coming up? —Mafalda
With a two-season pickup comes… the promise of more Robin Sparkles! Well, at least the strong possibility of such. “A few ideas have been tossed around [that would add] a few new layers to the Robin Sparkles story,” teases exec producer Carter Bays. “We’ve seen TV and pop music, so we’re thinking maybe movies could be something we explore. At least her straight-to-video movie. We’re still weighing our options, but every chance we can do it, we pounce on it.” Adds Cobie Smulders: “We danced with the idea of having another rival come back, but someone who’s more of a competitive energy.” Paging Busy Phillips…. (So she was on the show before — big deal!)

Question: Do you have anything concerning Burn Notice? Preferably something on the Michael-Fi relationship?! —Franziska
Anything? Yes. Something on Michael-Fi’s romance? Not today, sorry. Watch for an upcoming episode to feature Michael matching wits with a con artist who’s sharp enough to know that the key to not getting caught is not getting rich. But oh! Oh! Oh! Does he wanna be rich! (You see where this might be a problem for him.)

Question: Since you know what goes down on the 90210 finale, can I get a little scoop as to what’s in store for my fave West Bev kids before they go off to college? The 90210 finale is always the juiciest. — Ken
I can tell you what the finale won’t include — a big goodbye to departing matriarch Lori Loughlin — and her TV daughter doesn’t sound pleased about it. “The writers don’t really do the characters that are leaving the show justice,” Shanae Grimes sighs to TVLine. “Much like [TV dad] Rob [Estes], who didn’t get much of an exit, I think it’s going to be kind of a similar storyline.” Though the actress will miss Loughlin — ”Lori has been amazing to me since day one!” — she sounds less torn up about the departure of showrunner Rebecca Sinclair, admitting, “I’m thrilled for a change.”

Question: Please tell me that the fallout from Lois getting Clark’s powers for a day on Smallville doesn’t involve the A-Word (read: amnesia). That would be… unfortunate. —Derek
There are consequences, but I assure you memory loss is not one of them.

Question: Would you happen to have any Good Wife spoilers? —Tiffany
Look for an unlikely friendship to blossom in the wake of Kalinda/Peter-gate — one that could have interesting implications for Alicia next season.

Question: I know you can’t tell us who’s getting whacked in the Desperate Housewives finale, but can you say how this person dies? —Claudia
Pay attention, because here’s the one and only clue you’re getting about the looming DH casualty: The person responsible for this person’s passing — drumroll, please — is dead too! And has been for some time.

Question: Any season-ending Modern Family scoop? — Lois
“Haley and Alex vandalize a school,” says the younger Dunphy sister’s portrayer, Ariel Winters. Uh, come again? “I don’t know why Haley and Alex do some of the things they do,” she laughs, “but it’s a ton of fun for me.” Well, OK. For us, too. Moving on… What about the season finale? What’s that all about? “It’s actually my graduation from middle school,” she says. “Everybody will be there. Everybody.”

Question: Just how bad a headache are Charlotte and Cooper’s parents going to cause for the happy couple on Private Practice? — Bea
After talking with KaDee Strickland, it sounds to me like they’re going to rain on the couple’s wedding day. “It’s a lot of fun,” she promises, “[but] of course there’s hiccups! The parents aren’t big endorsers of their children’s choices, so it gets very interesting and very complicated.” Which, she adds, is what you’d expect and want, right? “It’s Shondaland!”

Question: I need some info on The Event!? It’s just now getting good! —Jade
The final two episodes feature what an insider calls a “deeply bittersweet reunion” between two characters. Meanwhile, Sophia’s efforts to wipe out the entire human race to make room for her people reaches a climax. (Hint: She’s not *n****** **s*********.)

Question: I have a Smurf under a knife… don’t make me use it! Vampire Diaries scoop is required to set him free! —Janelle
In Thursday’s ep, Elena and Katherine will be tortured at the hands of Klaus/Alaric — but in very different ways. Release the Smurf!

Source: TV Line

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