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Body of Proof - Episode 1.02 - Letting Go - Recap

An interracial couple is found dead in their car. Lovers who died where they met. Shot in the head. No witnesses.

Detective Morris believed it to be a simple murder-suicide. The man shot the woman before putting a bullet in his head. No medical mystery. Until Dr. Megan Hunt removed two bullets from the male victim, making it murder.

It was no mistake they got to work with Det. Morris and Det. Baker again. Dr. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) requested it.

To get through the autopsy quickly and efficiently, Megan asked for Curtis' and Ethan's help, letting us get to know these characters better. As Curtis kept saying, working for Nancy Drew -- Dr. Hunt.

Curtis, who was her superior, was not so thrilled about being ordered around, insisting he will not approve any unnecessary tests. He still wants to be called a doctor. Megan wanted him to act like he gives a damn. He tells her he does care.

All the evidence pointed to a killer who cared about the girl. It was as Megan discovered the girl's father. He shot her in a tragic accident. He loved his daughter so much he killed her. He could not let her go when she was going to marry her high school sweetheart, who was beneath her status.

Meanwhile, Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop) continues to counsel Megan on her relationship with her daughter Lacey, whether she wants it or not.

Megan tells him that he gave her the key to her apartment. And it seems like she was getting a second chance. Peter advises her to take it slow.

Lacey still blamed her for the divorce. She was not really ready to have a relationship with her mother just yet, even to talk over lunch. Saying she needs to back off and smother her.

There was a great exchange between Peter and Megan.
“You have great instincts about the dead.” Not about the living.
“I care about the dead, because they can't speak for themselves.”

Peter believes Megan is a decent person and a good mother. He's putting up with her, because he is sure she will not find her without him. He notices that she is troubled by it. Megan is stressed about losing the right to talk to her daughter. Losing the chance to tell her what she needs to know. About life. About boys. About everything.

Letting go could also mean what Megan has to do in order to love Lacey. She is willing to give her the space that she needs.

Main Cast
Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt
Jeri Ryan as Dr. Kate Murphy (Chief Medical Examiner), Megan's boss
John Carroll Lynch as Detective Bud Morris (Homicide Division)
Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop (Medical Investigator)
Sonja Sohn as Detective Samantha Baker (Homicide Division)
Geoffrey Arend as Dr. Ethan Gross (Forensic Pathology Fellow)
Windell D. Middlebrooks as Dr. Curtis Brumfield (Deputy Chief Medical Examiner)

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