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Adams TV Teasers 15 - Glee, Californication, True Blood, Desperate Housewives & More...

Hey Guys,

Lots of scoop for you this week, so have a good read through and find the bits you like :)

Episode 5.01 is entitled 'JFK to LAX.'

Some big hints at where season 5 is heading, two characters on a 9 & 8 episode arc are Apocalypse and his girlfriend Kali. Apocalypse is a slightly dangerous rapper who takes a meeting with Hank in the hope of Mr. Moody writing a movie for him. The producers want big names for this role.
Also on an 8 episoe arc is Doug, a ruggedly handsome and uber-successful contractor who doesn't take any of Hank's BS.
More big news-worthy is the 8 episode arc of Tyler, Becca's boyfriend who is a cocky pretty boy with a snotty rich kid vibe which irks Hank.
Hugh news-worthy though is the role of Carrie, described as a bangin' Carrie Bradshaw wannabe and Hank's girlfriend. Also interesting as this is only a possible recurring character...

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Episode 7.04 is entitled 'Frank's Brother.'

The producers need a singing actress for Shadynasty, who is in a flashback scene to the 1960's, and is an African American sexy back-up singer.
What follows is a a storyline involving Frank, jail, drugs and waiting in an airport...
The official synopsis sheds more light, stating that when Frank's brother Gino comes to visit, the two brothers re-hash their youth and their mutual love for the beautiful Shadynasty.

Episode 7.05 & 7.06 are entitled 'The High School Reunion Pts. I & II.'

Appearing in both parts of the episode are Adriano Calvenese, a former cool kid at school who doesn't appear to have changed much and is wowed by Dee's hot new look.
Also there is Tim Murphy, another popular kid at school who has a tasty storyline involving prom dates and a rivalry with Dennis...
The official synopsis states that some thing never change, like the importance of the pecking order at high school, no matter how old you get!

Law & Order: SVU
An upcoming episode entitled 'Smoked.'

Included in the episode is Luke Thompson, a Rockstar Hairstylist guru. He is connected to the murder of a rape victim, but is his smarmy attitude clouding the teams judgement?
Eddie Skinner is also one to watch one for, a grungy, hapless petty criminal who has a record for being a weasel. His long criminal record isn't violent though...

Episode 4.05 is entitled 'The Van Gogh Job.'

Added to the episode is Alfred Ross, a war profiteer and lumber baron who owns half a town.
He is seen in a flashback to the 1940's revealing a story of forbidden love...

Episode 4.06 is entitled 'The Carnival Job.'

Jerry McCarthy is the vice president of Biometrics Inc. and he seizes one of his employees inventions saying that because it was produced by an employee, it is owned by the company.
Of course, he is up to no good, trying to sell the device on the black market to help eradicate a large debt he owes...

Hawaii 5-0
Episode 1.23 is entitled 'Oia'i'o'.'

The episode focuses on Danny's big decision regarding his future with Rachel, as well as a dark turn occurring in the teams investigation of Wo Fat... Dun Dun Dun!

The Mentalist
Episode 3.23 & 3.24 are entitled 'Strawberies & Cream.'

In the episode is Drake Vermilion, a former actor whose self importance make him easy fodder for Jane.
Also there is Tray Zuniga, a mid twenties employee of Vermilion's shop, who is very affected by the terrifying recent events...

Burn Notice
Episode 5.03 is entitled 'Mind Games.'

Get Carter... a human pitbull and a loan shark who has vicious ways of doing business. He's even known for harrassing the family of a deceased borrower. He's also trying to get in with Wallace.
Wallace is a criminal kingpin who is past his prime but with huge amounts of power.
Needless to say, Michael comes in when Jessica Golden contacts him to help rid the loan shark of the debt he hangs over her head...

Episode 5.05 is entitled 'Square One.'

The episode features a character called Ethan, described as a young Michael Western in the rawest form. Michael sees him as having potential value to his team, but if left unchecked he could become a dangerous liability.

Army Wives
Episode 5.11

An additional role has been added, Lisa who is carming Gold-digger, complete with fake boobs and described as pretty in a hard sort of way.

True Blood
Episode 4.08 is entitled 'Spellbound.'

In the episode is Virgil, a man with a cold and ruthless streak seen in flashbacks to the 1930's.

Episode 1.11 is entitled 'Mincemeat.'

Should the show reach eleven episodes :S then the storyline will see the ODS go undercover in Kiristan to covince someone into assuming power of his land to his son before he dies...

Episode 3.06

Small role is being filled, a flight attendant who has to be 1) very attractive and b) comfortable with topless nudity and simulated sex. Wonder what happens in this episode...

Episode 2.20

Two additional roles have been cast, Michael and Tammy, both in a 1970's flashback where both are students, one an 18 year old African American, the other a pretty blonde girl... Both roles are described as fun.

In Plain Sight
Episode 4.08 is entitled 'Kumar vs. Kumar.'

The storyline of the episode is that Mary has her hands full trying to patch up the marriage between Ashok, who is a witness in a federal case and Sudha, who wants a divorce...

Breaking In
Episode 1.06 is entitled '21.0 Jumpstreet.'

In the episode is Leslie, an endearing, intelligent high school outcase who is cyber bullied and hires Contra Security to help him find his attacker... Intruiging!
Also in the episode are the generic High School Stoner, Geek & Meathead...

The Closer
Episode 7.01 is entitled 'Unknown Trouble.'

The storyline follows a story where a rap star and his entourage are murdered and when Brenda learns he was on the look out for a new label, all heads turn to the head of the rap stars current label...

Episode 6.03 is entitled 'The Amazing Psych-Man and Tap Man Issue #2.'

Shawn is a little bit jealous when a superhero known as The Mantis begins to break up local crime cartels and begins to think there's something 'fishy' going on...

Pretty Little Liars
Episode 2.02 is entitled 'The Goodbye Look.'

In the episode is Ken Rabin, a scout for a prestigious university Swimming team. He gets involved in trying to convince Emily to join his school.

Desperate Housewives
Episode 7.22

The guest starring role of Annie is coming up; she is at a B&B with her husband to celebrate their pregnancy but become annoyed at a bickering couple who they are on a day of activites with... My guess is that it's one of the lead couples.

Criminal Minds
Episode 6.24 is entitled 'Supply & Demand.'

In the episode is a seasoned firefighter, a man with serious and dangerous presence and a sex trafficking ring... you can connect the dots.

Rules Of Engagement
Episode 5.26 is entitled 'Last Of The Red Hat Lovers.'

That's all for this week folks...

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