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Since it's been almost 6 months since True Blood ended its season, I'd almost forgotten how witty, scary, and sexy the show is.  Luckily, Alan Ball and company created a fantastic clip show to remind the audience just how awesome True Blood is.  Introducing its characters through categories like "Humans," and "Supernaturals," and showing some of the funniest lines made the audience eager to get started.  And even better than that, we got an exclusive look at a small part of season 4, which showed some protesters at Fangtasia with signs like "God Hates Fangs."  Hoyt was protective of Jessica and Pam got in a great line.  Something like, "They have a constitutional right to be f***ing idiots."

The first question the moderator asked was just about who each person would like to work with that they haven't already.  To be honest, with a cast of 18 on stage, it took a long time to get down the line and most everyone's answer was Pam.  And who wouldn't want to go head to head with a character like Pam who has the best lines and delivery?  Alan Ball hinted that we would be lucky enough to see a Tara and Pam confrontation in the future. 

When Kristin Bauer (Pam) was asked by the moderator if she did any improvising with her lines, she quipped, "I stay up very late writing them," and the reiterated just how well her character is written.

As far as couples are concerned, Hoyt and Jessica are on for the next season, but Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Jessica, shared that the fairy tale can't last forever.  When the audience groaned, she lightened up the mood and suggested that reality may in fact be better than the fantasy, which left the audience intrigued to say the least. 

When the moderator asked Nelsan Ellis, (Lafayette) about his wardrobe, he had only Audrey Fisher to thank, the woman in charge of wardrobe.  He mused on how she was able to find a shirt that says, "Bitch" all the way across the front. 

As for Terry and Arlene, there were hints that the baby issue will be growing "exponentially."  Terry is under the impression that the evil in this child can be corrected, but Arlene may not be so sure.  Meanwhile, the man in charge, Andy Bellefleur has just discovered "V," (Vampire Blood), and its numerous properties, including some rather long last sexual side effects.  When asked about his character, Jason Stackhouse, Ryan Kwanten stated the irony in Jason wielding any kind of authority since he clearly isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and he has just been allowed to carry around a gun and be a police officer.  Should be entertaining indeed. 

When asked about her "microwave fingers," Anna Paquin discussed how Sookie and her brother Jason were both given very different genetic gifts.  Kwanten tried to qualify this by mentioning Jason's sexual prowess, but the audience was laughing too hard at calling anything Jason has "a gift."  He's a charmer, that's for sure.  Paquin also mentioned that Sookie would be coming back from spending time with Claudine and she would be "different."  The audience murmured in approval.  As for her love interest, Paquin made a solid point about Alcide: "Well, he doesn't turn into a ball of charred fire during the daytime."  She also tells us Eric is problematic and of course, out for himself.  As for her and Bill rekindling things, Ball made a point to let us know that they have a long road ahead of them to fix this betrayal.  It won't happen over night, but Ball did mention he had a hard time believe that Sookie and Bill aren't soul mates when they clearly are in real life. 

And how about our reliable bar tender, Sam?  When asked if he was going to be lucky in love this season, Sam Trammell claimed he would be "up to bat" again, but we're not sure who with or if anything lasts.  Given his history, I'm betting not very long.  When asked about his anger streak in season 3, Trammell laughed and said, "Sam had a bad day." 

Now, the man of the hour.  I was surprised from the very beginning that Alexander Skarsgard got the biggest round of applause.  Granted the man is good looking, but I figured the other two men were on par with him, but the audience absolutely roared when he came out.  Over Stephen Moyer (Bill) and Joe Manganiello (Alcide) even!  So when it came to asking about Eric's character, you could hear a pin drop in the large theater.  "Eric is not stable," Skarsgard explained.  "He doesn't know who he is anymore and he's lost."  Stephen Moyer looked on and made a puppy face to egg on Skarsgard.  As for Eric showing personal growth, Skarsgard said, "He is the polar opposite of who he was and the powerful character who he once was is no longer."  Skarsgard was also all for seeing Pam and Eric flashbacks.  Alan Ball took mental notes of this as the audience cheered in approval.

As for Bill, Moyer was asked about the notorious head-twisting scene.  When he got the script, he went to the producers only out of concern for where they might be heading with Bill's character.  Moyer realized that it was the only thing Bill's character had over Lorena.  "Bill was completed f***ed around by her. but he can f""" her."  He joked, "I got to have my own f*** puppet."  When asked if he would like to direct, Moyer expressed interest, but told us it wouldn't happen this season.  

The last part of the evening was dedicated to stories about crazy fans.  The cast was careful to say that everyone that approached them was great, but of course, there were some good stories. 

Marshall Allman, who plays Tommy, mentioned that his grandmother, who is a fan of him, told him that he was basically starring in "vampire porn."  The man who plays Terry, Todd Lowe, mentioned that his friend asked him to borrow his pickup truck to move, assuming because Terry had a pickup truck, he did.  Moyer spoke about being handed phones to talk to people's wives to get them in the mood.  But the best story came from Chris Bauer.  He was trying to prove he was an actor that gets recognized and in Mexico, he saw someone approaching him that looked like a fan.  "See?" he pointed out to his wife.  The alleged fan said, "I just have to tell have a giant bird s*** on your back." 

Alexander Skarsgard mentioned that he had received a letter from Ohio from a mother willing to pay him to marry his daughter.  Skarsgard claimed he took her up on it. 
Overall, it was great to see the cast all together, but I thought that the moderator was trying too hard to give everyone equal time, which, when there are 18 people on stage, is not possible.  I would have liked to see more talking between everyone on stage since at times it felt rather quiet, but that could have nothing to do with the moderator. 

Looking forward to a bloody summer premiere! 

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