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Supernatural - Episode 6.16 - And Then There Were None - Recap / Review

Previously - Rufus showed up at Bobby's to bury a body and was completely awesome, Grandpa Creepy collected Alphas and was a ****, Grandpa Creepy betrayed Dean and Sam, I cheered as Dean threatened Grandpa Creepy ("I'm the guy you never want to see again. The next time you see me, I'll be there to kill you.") - awesome!, Gwen took up oxygen, Purgatory looked like hell (huh?), the Mother of All Monsters rose and then disappeared for weeks

Hello Mama - At a random truck stop, a random trucker fills up. Monster Mama turns up as a homeless, shoeless teen, needing a ride. Trucker Rick nervously agrees. Monster Mama calls herself Eve; I groan because we're back in angel 'verse again! Eve jumps Rick with an uncomfortable kiss and he says no. He's obviously married and not the cheating kind. In fact, he's a Christian which means he'll be evil then dead on this show. Urgh! Eve says Jesus is just a man and God abandoned us. I want to abandon this conversation. I'm tired of the Christian bashing. She says Rick's prayers and signs mean nothing, but Eve wouldn't treat her kids that way. She whispers a secret in Trucker Rick's ear and we hear squishy noises as he cries out. Next thing we see, he takes a hammer to his poor wife and blood flows. Another good transition, since he goes to strike again and the glass breaks.

At home, Bobby exposits an unnatural rising - "werewolf dance party…ghoul/wraith smorgasbord." Ha! I wonder about the dance party but not the smorgasbord. I have a feeling people are on the menu. Dean notices the pattern along I-80. "Looks to me like it's a Sherman March Monster Mash." Soon we head to Sandusky to meet Trucker Rick. He's dressed in prison orange and can't remember killing his wife and kids. He blacked out, woke up at the Starlight Cannery, went home and found the bodies. Trucker Rick breaks down and I feel for him. Hey! Bobby looks good in Fed attire. At the station, the 3 look at surveillance tapes to get a visual of Eve. Dean's face says "yeah baby" right until he sees her monster face. "Freakish nightmare. What the hell was that?" Not hell Dean, purgatory. However, at this stage they're pretty much the same. Bobby: "All those vamps and ghouls out on I-80. Maybe they're coming in for Mother's Day." That's one heck of a party. Dean reminds us that they don't know how to "gank" her. "So what are we going to do if we run into her? Throw salt on her and hope." Bobby suggests flight not fight because they're out of their league. Their no-plan strategy halts when another person goes postal at the cannery. Bobby checks it out while Dean and Sam stick with the surveillance tapes.

Bobby flashes Fed credentials and learns that a random worker shot 6 people. The captain mentions a second Fed and hello, Rufus. I know some think Rufus takes up space but I love him. The way he and Bobby act together leaves me wishing they get their own spin-off. Bobby is surprised to see him but they play it well for the locals. He asks what Rufus is doing there, but it's obvious. In fact, it amazes me how few hunters Dean and Sam run into since they all look at the same data. Rufus: "Tracking 31 flavors of crazy.." Bobby wants to talk to the shooter but he's dead. Rufus wants to partner up but Bobby is skeptical. Rufus: "C'mon man. It's not rocket surgery." Ha! I like that. He hints that they were partners before. That's back story I would love to know. Bobby says they will partner if he can drive, but Rufus snickers. "Hell no!" Bobby rolls his eyes heavenward, but I'm still laughing. I love Rufus!

The grumpy old hunters head to the morgue, where Bobby finds green goo in the dead guy's ear. They are stumped while X-Files music plays in the background. Bobby remembers both murderers worked at the cannery and they are joined by Dean and Sam there that night. Rufus grouses about Bobby's driving while the Winchesters look genuinely happy to see him. Good that they have a friend. Bad because all their friends die so Rufus won't survive the season. They exchange greetings but Bobby gripes about the teasing. Dean: "Alright, we all pack a snack? Let's see what we can see." Apparently guns are the new late night hunting treat. They come in blood, monster, and salt flavors.

The cannery is dark and crowded. They take an elevator up to the tick tock music of impending suspense. Again, classic rock or nothing please! They see movement and enter Gwen Campbell, blinded by a flashlight with guns on her. This is the only way I like Gwen, except dead. Yes, she's the most sympathetic Campbell, but considering the creepy, Peeping Tom dog shifter was more sympathetic than them, it's not saying much. Gwen and Dean barely exchange surprise when Grandpa Creepy lumbers in. Game over, sucker! Dean doesn't mince words. "Welcome to next time!" I love angry, intense Dean and look forward to GC getting a face full of lead, even if there's angst and recriminations later. Unfortunately, Sam stops Dean. Where's RoboSam when you need him? He would have helped. Dean: "I said I'd kill him." (Please do.) Rufus states the obvious and when Dean mentions they are related, he endears himself to me more. "Oh, somebody needs a hug." BWAAAHHH! I'll be sorry to see you go, Rufus.

Bobby questions why the Campbells are there and again, they saw the same signs. While I could do without these two, it's refreshing to know so many hunters look out for us. Bobby tells Sam to take Dean to cool down and both Dean and I protest. Since Bobby's not taking Grandpa Creepy out, he should at least let Dean wail on him. Dean takes his frustration out on Sam, reminding him that Dean remembers exactly what GC did to them. Sam: "I'm not saying don't. I'm saying not yet." So Sam agrees with Dean killing their grandpa? Wow! Maybe he retained some of his RoboSam tendencies. Dean walks off while GC and Bobby trade insults. GC: "You must be the guy pretending to be their father." DIE! NOW! How dare you besmirch Bobby, you traitorous demon pawn! Bobby: "Well, somebody ought to." Absolutely! Bobby, you're the best family they ever had. I don't care if you're a blood relation or not. GC tries to engage Sam but Sam shuts him down, apprising him that he now has a soul "no thanks to you I hear". GC picks up that Sam doesn't remember, but Sam assures him he remembers enough.

Rufus is done with family drama and asks for info. The Campbell Soup duo are tracking Eve, who created all monsters about 10,000 years ago and is back now. Bobby questions how he knows this and he exclaims, "You don't know half of the things I know, kid. Hell, until recently, you didn't know about us." Trust me, no needs that knowledge. If GC is alive at the end of this episode, I'm going through the TV set, Ring-style, and choking the life from him myself. (Man, this show makes me bloodthirsty.) Bobby: "I now know that you would throw your own kin to hungry ghouls. I think I know enough." You tell him Bobby. This news shocks Gwen and GC claims Dean lied. She's smart enough to not trust him and wants Dean's side of the story. Dean: "Samuel tried to kill me...He didn't even blink. That's the guy you're rolling with." Gwen didn't know and Dean believes her. It's poignant. Dean: "Honestly, there's something I need to tell you." Gwen and I question what and DEAN SHOOTS HER!!! The others run in at the gun shots. What? Was she infected? I totally didn't see it coming and spend the entire commercial break stunned and excited. Dean wouldn't shoot her because of what GC did, so what's up? This episode has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

Rufus does CPR while Sam looks for Dean and music swells. Bobby calls Gwen's death and I would be sad, but I didn't like her. Bobby tells GC he's sorry "if you care." GC says he does, but he's thrown people under the bus for Mary before so it's debatable. Sam deduces Dean's effected by the monster and that makes a lot of sense. GC and Rufus care for Gwen's body while Bobby and Sam lock the place down before looking for Dean. Sam agrees but gives one final warning. "We're going to find him alive, Samuel, or I'm going to put a bullet into your head." So at the risk of repeating other recaps that have probably mentioned it too, this reminds me of the X-Files episode "Ice," where a primitive organism burrows into people and makes them act all violent and crazy. I loved the atmosphere of that episode so I've got high hopes for this one.

A 65-second montage of them looking for Dean passes before Sam thinks to call Dean's cell. Rufus hears the ring and suddenly it's a Dean/Rufus/GC stand-off. Luckily, Sam and Bobby join in as Dean explains, "I am not in the mood. I've just had a 12-inch herpe crawl out of my ear." Sam and I say, "What?" Dean woke up with a worm sliding out his ear and into a vent. GC informs Dean that he killed Gwen, but Dean doesn't remember anything after talking to her. They exposit that the monster burrows into people, makes them crazy, and then leaves them unconscious. Rufus: "Monster possession. That's novel." Icky describes it better. GC suggests Dean's still infected and Bobby tells Dean to check his ears. While Dean's confused, Rufus sticks his finger in Dean's ear. Dean: "Hey! Why don't you buy me a drink first?' Rufus: "Second date. Oh yeah, we're goo positive." The delivery is awesome. Bobby makes them hand over their guns since they don't know who to trust. '..The best we can do is make it that much harder for that thing to blow our fool heads off." They reluctantly agree. They lock the guns up, but since when do hunters have only one weapon on them. I fully expect Dean to have a knife or two on his person. Why wouldn't the others?

Bobby looks for a plan, GC is a jerk, and I wonder who's infected. Someone has to be. Rufus and Bobby get no help from other hunters about monster worm infection. Dean stares angrily at GC, who hides in the bathroom. Dean and Sam follow him. Will I finally see a beat down? I like that Sam joins Dean and they make a solid front. But first, it's Rufus-Bobby back story. Bobby wants to grab the worm and shoot, but Rufus takes him down by mentioning Omaha. Bobby: "Screw you for bringing up Omaha. That's just low." And we rejoin the Winchester-Campbell reunion. What! I can't believe I'm saying this, but we could wait a bit longer. I want to hear about Omaha. Darn!

Grandpa Creepy is startled to find Dean outside the bathroom. Sam joins him on the other side. GC starts with "What?" and Dean asks how he sleeps at night. "You feed us to Crowley." GC agrees but can't fix it. However he magnanimously doesn't blame Dean for wanting to kill him. How generous! Still, he's not apologizing. "I did what I did. I don't cry over spilled blood." I bet you'll cry over your own spilled blood, which we have seen far too little of this season. Sam is incredulous at his attitude, and he throws RoboSam into Sam's face. Sam: "Yeah we did (spend a year together); we're blood. And you still sold me out." GC: "Trust me, what I did pales in comparison to what you did and on more than one occasion." Sam asks what he did, Dean says not to go there, and I scream. I'm not trading a Grandpa Creepy beat down for another round of Poke the Wall. I've waited far too long. Dean: "The only reason you're alive right now is because we're working a job. The minute we kill this thing, you're next." Well then, stop talking and start hunting. Grandpa Creepy smirks as goo drips from his ear. He pulls a gun (I knew they had other weapons) and the Winchesters give chase. Rufus: "I'm gonna be needing my gun back now Bobby." Ha!

They get the guns. Rufus: "Hey don't feel bad. You know it was a good plan, except for the part where a monster would definitely, definitely not give up all his weapons." Bobby: "Shut up!" Bwah! They definitely need a spin-off. Dean and Sam rejoin them and Sam asks about the plan. Surprisingly, Dean takes the lead instead of Bobby or Rufus. "We stick together. We've got to keep track of this thing, who it's in." They search when Sam suddenly yanks Dean back and no, he's not infected. It's a booby trap. The lights flicker and Sam gets separated from the group. Oh uh! Sam finds GC and this is not good. GC: "What you gonna do son? You're not going to shoot me. You got your soul back. You gonna shoot your own family?" Sam: "Yeah, I wouldn't go with the family thing. Try again." You tell him Sammy! GC coms closer while playing the Mary and namesake cards. He offers to tell Sam about his RoboSam year. Urgh! Not again. Sam wants to know but not enough to let GC come closer. One shot and he's gone. Hmm. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy he's dead but it was far too easy. I wanted the visceral thrill of watching him die. Um, and where's the worm? Shouldn't it abandon the host by now? Sam investigates and I want to pull him back to safety. Get too close Sammy and that worm will snack on your brain next. Man, these commercials are killing me today. Is Sammy ok? Was he possessed while I sat through yet another Old Navy commercial? Argh!

The others run in and Bobby says, "Oh thank God," when he sees Sam safe. Aw! He changes tune when he sees GC on the floor. Sam puts down his gun, saying he's him. Rufus: "Oooo Kkk. That's great Sam. Just gonna cuff you..uh..until we can be sure. Ok? You understand right?" Best delivery all night. I missed half the dialogue after that from laughing. Sam assures them it's in GC while the others give questioning looks. Since Sam didn't see the worm take off, they autopsy GC's body. Sam worries that he wasn't a monster when he shot him. I say he's always a monster and you did the world a favor. Imagine what other deals GC would make for his long-dead daughter. He'd have Lucifer among us again. Rufus: "Bobby, you got a cranial saw in the car?" Bobby: "Of course." (snickers - chortles - gasps for breath) Dean doesn't want Bobby on his own. Aw! Rufus: "We will both go grab some tools and see about getting some power in this place. And I want you and you to….to watch him and him and…alright if anything crawls out of anybody, somebody step on it." I love you Rufus, even when you are a confused mess.

Sam paces GC's body while melancholy's music twinkles in the background. Dean says he did the right thing, but Sam doubts. "This thing's playing 3-card Monte with us." Dean assumes Sam is himself but not enough to undo the restraints. Smart. Sam: "I mean I barely remember him, but when I do remember it's not good. And what he did to us….but." Dean: "There's a but?" No, Sam, in this case there isn't. Sam: "I mean I just can't help but think, what would Mom say?" Dean: "You know what I think Mom would say. She'd say, 'Just cuz you're blood doesn't make you family. You gotta earn that." Since Dean was 4 when Mary died, he's just saying what Sam needs to hear and I love that. He's also right. Grandpa Creepy was never family. Bobby is. I love this scene. But the lights come on as Bobby and Rufus return, ending it. Bobby tells them to leave and when they protest, he reminds them, "We're about to crack open your grandpa's grapefruit. Take a breather." They look at each other and walk out, which they've done all night. That silent conversation that asks for the other's opinion and then comes to a consensus on how they both will act. If anyone worried about whether the Winchesters were brothers again, there should be no question after tonight. It's awesome and exactly why I fell for this show in the first place.

Rufus and Bobby play "Operation", bantering as they go. The cranial saw has seen better days. Rufus: "What is this, B? Have you been dumpster diving again?" Bobby: "What? It still works." He apologizes for Omaha. It was his fault for not listening to Rufus. Rufus doesn't want to talk about it, but Bobby insists. Rufus lost "her" because of Bobby. Rufus: "I believe I said we’ve had this conversation already. And you could blab all day and it wouldn't change a thing, Bobby. I will never forgive you for what happened. You got that? Never. So change the subject Bob." Yikes! There is real hurt there. It's heartbreaking and poignant and we see that it is not just Dean and Sam who get screwed by the hunting business. Well done by both actors, especially since they had the flu while shooting it.

The cranial saw carves into Grandpa Creepy's head and I debate hiding beneath a pillow to avoid seeing blood and brains fly. What the heck? GC's eyes open and my heart leaps. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! He throws Rufus and Bobby, breaks a table and wedges the door closed. Dean and Sam come running (great incredulous expressions) and kick at the door to no avail. Bobby pushes GC into the electric socket where he is electrocuted. The worm slides out of him, as the brothers in tandem break down the door. Dean wakes Rufus, who says, "This can't be my afterlife because the three of you are here." Ha! Sam gets Bobby and they wonder "How'd he get double dead?" Bwah! They now know how to kill the monster but not how to find it. Sam suggests they check for goo so they all stick their fingers in their ears. It's an awesomely funny, classic SPN moment. There's no goo but Sam wants to be 100% sure. He suggests they electrocute themselves. Huh? I don't like this plan, Sammy. They electrocute Grandpa Creepy first. Rufus: "OK. I'm not a doctor but I'm gonna go ahead and call this one." GC is good and dead now. So long. I won't miss you. Dean goes next and then Sam. Dean heads for Rufus but he has a pacemaker. Dean: "Well, you better hope it's a good one." OK. No sympathy here. Bobby asks when Rufus got a pacemaker. "Since Bush Junior, term one. I'm down 3 toes too FYI." Ha! Rufus gets shocked then turns to Bobby. Bobby hems and haws, proving the monster is in him. When Rufus goes to shock him, Bobby plunges a knife into his old friend.

For those keeping track, that's two possessed killings and one killing of the possessed. Everyone gets to angst in the morning. The brothers surround Bobby and Dean punches him out. He awakes tied up with Intense!Dean holding a live wire. It's not going to be pretty, but I love Intense!Dean. He shocks Bobby, calling him a herpe. Sam: "Why do you keep talking about herpes?" Good question as fanfic goes overboard with stories of Dean's STD and Bobby's Omaha adventure. Let's move on. The brothers were busy while Bobby was unconscious sealing off every crack . Bobby uses a creepy voice that reminds me of the Goa'uld on Stargate. Kind of deep and robotic and chilling. He plays on their love for Bobby, reminding them that if they kill the worm, they kill Bobby. Dean: "We'll do what we have to do. Now we got some questions for you so you can either play ball or we could fry up a little shrimp on the barbie." Worm Bobby wants them to ask questions, stumping Dean, Sam, and me. Sam asks what he is and we learn that Eve made herself a brand new monster. Well, yippee for Monster Mama. She breeds all kinds of new evil. Dean shocks Worm Bobby again and asks about Eve in his torture voice. We learn her endgame is to make more monsters than humans so we become the animals. Things turn interesting. Apparently, Eve wanted the Winchesters in Sandusky and not to ride roller coasters. The message: "You're all going to die. She's pissed. She's here. And it's gonna be nothing but pain for you from here on in." What? She couldn't send that in a tweet or as Facebook message? Dean's response: live wire Bobby until Sam stops him. Worm Bobby will take Bobby with him. Dean: "Well, we'll just have to do what Bobby would want us to do." Sam duct tapes his mouth, ears, and most of his nose. "No way out now, sluggo. Bobby hang on in there." Dean fries him. Blackish green goo pours out of Bobby as they undo the duct tape. The worm's lifeless body falls out, but Bobby's not breathing. And commercial.

Good thing I saw previews or I would be worried now. My heart stopped at every commercial break tonight. Great job, SPN crew. We open at Rufus' grave and a moment of silence from the brothers as Bobby joins them. He's being buried instead of burned for religious reasons. Bobby: "Well, he didn't exactly keep kosher. He always used to pull the old 'can't work on the Sabbath card' whenever we had to bury a body." Long pause as Bobby remembers. "You know I was just a job. I was Joe Mechanic. Then my wife got possessed, went nuts on me, and I stabbed her. That didn't stop her. Next thing I knew, this guy comes busting in, soaks her with Holy water, and sends that demon straight to hell so fast. I'd have gone away for killing her but Rufus cleaned up everything. Taught me a thing or two about what's really out there. Pretty soon we were riding together. Worked like that for years. Kind of like you two knuckleheads." Sam asks what happened. "It was Omaha. It was my fault and he never let it go." Dean claims he should have, but Bobby says Dean doesn't know the details. It doesn't matter to Dean (I want to know.) "I mean at the end of the day, you two are family. Life's short, and ours are shorter than most. We're going to spend it wringing our hands? Something's gonna get us eventually. And when my guts get ripped out, just so you two know, we're good. A blanket apology for all the crap that anybody's done all the way around." Sam: "Some of us pulled a lot of crap, Dean. " Dean: "Well, clean slate." Sam's confused but says, "Okay." Bobby pours Johnny Walker Blue on the grave and Dean and Sam walk away. Bobby silently toasts Rufus and takes a drink. I know some think Mannequin 3 had the best closing scene this season. This is my pick. A fine tribute to a secondary character. I'll miss Rufus. Most importantly though, it's a sign to not dwelling on the RoboSam year but move forward, working as a family. Family matters yet family's not blood but who you count on.

I leave this episode worn out but hopeful, satisfied that the Winchesters and Bobby will be okay. They have each other and that's a lot. I'm thrilled that Gwen and Grandpa Creepy are gone. The Campbell plot didn't go anywhere to me; they could have segued into the Alpha story without them. Of course, we would miss the twist in Family Matters minus the Campbells so for that I'm grateful. While I liked GC electrocuted, I wish it was really him when he died. I didn't get the visceral thrill I got with Zechariah and Ruby but it wasn't a complete let-down like Crowley. Gwen's death was a shock and I love that even with spoilers around every corner, Supernatural still surprises me. The atmosphere was sufficiently claustrophobic with all of them trapped until they found the monster and I love everything Rufus, especially the back story between him and Bobby. That Rufus was there when Bobby lost his wife means a lot to me. I like that Rufus trained Bobby and got him into the life but I'm not shocked their partnership ended badly. Now I need to read some good fan fiction about their early years.

I'm reaching here, but I assume Rufus' daughter died in Omaha. It gives the episode nice symmetry, since everything revolved around family. Think about it. Rufus mourns his daughter and can't get over her death, causing him to end his partnership with Bobby. Yet in Weekend at Bobby's, Rufus comes to his rescue when he most needs it. Contrast that with Grandpa Creepy. He mourns Mary's death and can't get over it. He blames Dean for choosing Sam over Mary (not sure what he meant). However, instead of turning to them, he uses RoboSam as enforcer and hands them over to a demon. In the end, Dean calls Rufus Bobby's family but distinctly says that GC isn't theirs. Bobby is. Also, GC refuses to apologize to Dean and Sam and gets all snarky, even before the worm invasion. Bobby, however, tries to make things right with Rufus. Even though Rufus rejects it, he still made the effort.

I'm not usually one for "hit me over the head" morals on TV, but the whole dichotomy of family was nicely handled here. I absolutely loved how Dean gave them all a blank slate, no matter what they did, no matter what happens in the future. Is this is realistic? No, they've all betrayed each other time and again and it takes time for that to heal. However, I love that he said it and he meant it. It allows us as the audience to move on too and I for one am happy that the Winchester clan, Bobby included, is back on their feet, solid together, and ready to kick some monster butt. That's my kind of Supernatural!

Next week - we start the mini-hiatus. I guess we have to make our own fun again!

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