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Question of the Day - Which TV Show would you like to see a reboot of??

Welcome to another week of Question of the Day. Sorry I did not post on Friday, but our Internet was down all day! Anyway, hope you all had great weekends.

Today's Question of the Day comes from John Crud who asks.

"Which TV Show would you like to see a reboot of?"

This is an awesome question! There are so many old shows that I'd love to see get a makeover.

Earth 2, The Fantastic Journey, Blakes 7, UFO, The Odd Couple, Space 1999, Dark Skies to name a few, but I think the one I'd love to see given a reboot is Blake's 7! I simply loved this show growing up.

From Wikipedia.

Blake's 7 is a British science fiction television series produced by the BBC for its BBC1 channel. Created by Terry Nation, a prolific television writer best known for creating the popular Dalek monsters for the television series Doctor Who, it ran for four series between 1978 and 1981. Popular from the time it was first broadcast, it remains well regarded[1] on account of its dystopian tone, moral ambiguity and strong characterisation. It is also remembered for the dramatic ending which concluded the series.

Blake's 7 follows the exploits of a group of political renegades, led by freedom fighter Roj Blake, and consisting initially of Blake, Jenna Stannis and Kerr Avon. They escape from a prison transport spacecraft and occupy an abandoned spacecraft called by them Liberator with a main computer called Zen. Vila Restal and Olag Gan are rescued from the prison planet Cygnus Alpha and are later joined by the alien telepath Cally. Later, a supercomputer called Orac is procured. Gan is killed during the second series. After the second series, Blake and Jenna disappear and are replaced by new characters Dayna Mellanby and Del Tarrant. In the fourth series, Cally dies and is replaced by a new character, Soolin. Following the destruction of the Liberator, the computer Zen is replaced with Slave, a new computer character, part of the newly acquired ship "Scorpio". The group are pursued through space by Space Commander - and later renegade - Travis and Servalan, Supreme Commander and later President of the Terran Federation.

So what about you? Which show(s) would you love to see given a reboot and brought back to life?

Sound off in the comments.

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Thanks for all your suggestions and questions that you have been submitting, I try to pick out ones that I find interesting myself and that I think you'd all enjoy discussing. If I have not used one of yours yet, don't worry, it maybe tomorrows QOD!.

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