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Pretty Little Liars - Latest from E!Online

Thanks to Charlie for the heads up.

Fear of Heights: Ever since creator I. Marlene King told us the finale pays homage to an Alfred Hitchcock movie, we've been wracking our brains trying to figure out which one. We ruled out The Birds and Psycho early on, but with the finale's pivotal scene taking place at a church—many of which have bell towers, and the title of this episode is "For Whom the Bell Tolls"—could it be Vertigo? If you follow this logic, then someone will be falling to their death Monday night!

Altar Boy: Early in Monday's episode, Ian announces his plans to meet Melissa, his bride and Spencer's sister, at the church to discuss their baby-to-be's christening. Instead, we see Spencer confront him there (with what looks like incriminating evidence)—but what happens next? We suspect the police are there to question him—or retrieve his body. As for Melissa, star Torrey DeVitto told us exclusively, "I'm not in [that scene] because there's something else that happens to me. But even though I'm not physically there, what happens in the church really, really affects Melissa a lot. The church is a huge, huge, huge part of the season finale."

Double Trouble: "Two really huge, epic things happen to Melissa that she's going to have to deal with in the next season," Torrey dished to us. "One of them, she's not aware of yet. And one of them, she is aware of...they're [both] really huge things. Everybody's going to be wanting to know how she's going to deal with everything that happens in the next season." We hope Melissa didn't lose the baby, because we're predicting she's either going to be grieving her husband's death or coping with being married to a murderer. (Possibly both!)

Dead Ringer: Even more shocking than Ian's death would be Allison's resurrection...but based on Vertigo—and the Pretty Little Liars books themselves—the reappearance of the murdered girl (or her doppelgänger) isn't out of the question.

Whatever happens in the finale, "It's one of those episodes that will give you an inch and then leave you guessing for a mile," Torrey told us. "It's just really exciting."

For whom do you think the bell will be tolling Monday night, Pretty Little Liars fans? Share your guesses in the comments.

Source: E!Online

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