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NCIS - Episode 8.18 - Out of the Frying Pan... - Review

You know, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I expected to. The promo pics made me think it would be another Justin-Bieber-on-CSI storyline and the kid (who’s 18, but looks like he’s 12, according to Ziva) would die horribly in a rain of bullets (or axes, in this case) at the end of the episode. Of course, I was being stupid, because that’s totally not NCIS. What fits this show is: every single evidence points out the kid as the murderer, Gibbs disagrees and tries to prove otherwise, eventually finding out that it was actually some grown-up who has been interviewed by the Team during the length of the episode. That was my opinion during the episode. I was positively certain that it was the neighbor. Then, that it was the female doctor who dated the dead Marine (hers was the fakest crying scene I have ever seen in eight seasons of this show). I was wrong again. That’s why the Honorable Mention of this week’s episode goes to… 

Leon Caroll Jr.
This episode marks this awesome guy’s first experience as a writer to the series. He’s been the tech advisor for quite a while, and has done it marvelously. At firsthand, he was able to provide us a good storyline, good old Gibbs protecting kids, good old Tony being funny and productive, some hints at a future arc (or arcs, we never know), funny jokes AND a McNickname! It wasn’t a season finale material, but it was certainly a good classic must-see NCIS episode.
Disappointment of the Week: Tony is dating E.J. I know it was pretty obvious on previous episodes, but I had hopes it wouldn’t work out. It's not that hate the writers for this, don't get me wrong. I dislike E.J. very much, you guys know why. At least she’ll bring some action heat to this year’s season finale. 

 Funniest lines: I didn’t LOL not even once during this episode, but Abby made me giggle at least twice, even if she didn’t get too much screen time.

Tim arrives at the fake crime scene and comes out of the elevator. 
Abby: Hi, honey! Welcome home. To our humble, bloody abode.

Abby: And… There’s this. 
Tim: Ah, his tablet; the only computer the colonel owned. 
Abby: Yep. It’s been sitting in so much blood. Kinda drowned the little guy. 
Tim: Metro give it CPR? 
Tim: They tried, but I think it needs a “Timmy touch”.

So, what did you think of the episode? Do you disagree on something? Let me know down there, I’d love to discuss it further.
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