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Make It or Break It - Episodes 2.17-2.19 - Synopses

Episode 2.17 “To Thine Own Self Be True”
Kaylie is feeling responsible for Emily running away after Kaylie told her that she and Damon kissed. Kaylie returns to the Rock to train from what the outside world believes to be a damaged ACL and not a recovery from rehab. Sasha announces to the press that Kelly Parker will be replacing Emily at World‘s and that Kaylie will not be ready to compete which completely shocks everyone. Kaylie is afraid that if she doesn‘t compete at worlds, the NGO won‘t even consider her for the Olympic Team but she decides to trust Sasha‘s judgment. Kelly Parker tells Sasha she thinks that Tessa Grande should fill Kaylie‘s spot. Lauren plans a surprise bridal shower for Summer despite Summer‘s hesitation because Summer has yet to inform anyone she‘s engaged, especially Sasha. Damon goes to the Rock to say goodbye to Kaylie before he leaves to find Emily. Austin upset at the news of Emily leaving and seeing Damon with Kaylie, punches Damon in the face. Payson convinces Kaylie to fight for her spot on the team and prove Sasha wrong. Austin, Max, Payson and Kaylie, all sneak into the gym after hours to help Kaylie practice despite Sasha‘s orders. Max shares with Payson that he is genuinely interested in her and not Lauren.

Episode 2.18 “Dog Eat Dog”
While taking a jog, Max and Payson discover an abandoned puppy which they decide to hide until they find a new home for her. Sheila, Kelly Parkers manager arrives at the Rock complete with a tour bus and banner featuring Kelly Parker to hang outside of the Rock. The Rock girls are not to happy with Kelly‘s banner or her newly arrived manager. Lauren is jealous of Max and Payson‘s deep conversation. She suspects the two have something serious going on, oblivious to the fact that most of the discussion is about the puppy. Sasha announces to the Rock Girls, that there is one more spot on the World team and Kelly Parker is hoping Tessa lands it. Sheila, who we later find out is Kelly‘s mother, stresses to Kelly that she can‘t afford to share the spotlight with Kaylie, there‘s too much money at stake. Kelly begins to try and distract Kaylie. Mark is back in Boulder interviewing for a job after his company went under, and he and Kim decide to keep the information from Payson. Austin asks Sasha for permission to work with Kaylie while she trains to get her spot back. Sasha approves. Austin strategizes a way to make Kaylie strong on one event, the vault which is Sasha‘s weakest link on the team. After hearing Kaylie won the spot on the World team, Sheila tells Kelly Parker that she needs to get proof of Kaylie‘s anorexia so that Kaylie can kiss her endorsements goodbye. Sheila feels as if Kelly let her down and that she may drop Kelly as her client. Kaylie witnesses the tail end of Kelly crying after Sheila‘s outburst and Kaylie lends Kelly Parker an ear and expresses concern for her now that the two are teammates. Kelly ends up having dinner with Kaylie and her family.

Episode 2.19 “What Lies Beneath”

Sheila, Kelly Parker‘s mother continues to have an overbearing presence at the Rock including blaming her daughter for allowing Kaylie to land the Healthy Bar endorsement deal. Sheila tells Kelly that she must expose Kaylie‘s anorexia now that Kaylie has made the World Team. Sasha continues to work with Lauren on beam and load her routine with high skill moves. Lauren agrees to trust Sasha. Marcus tells Kim that the video of Payson kissing Sasha was sent to the NGO anonymously. The unedited version shows that Sasha pushed Payson away. Kelly overhears Kaylie telling the press that Kelly Parker should be the team captain because she is the current world champ and has more gold medals than anyone else. Kelly is surprised by the class act Kaylie is. The Healthy Bar representatives presents Kaylie and her parents with their endorsement deal for a fit young woman who cares about good nutrition. Kaylie, having kept her anorexia a secret, struggles with being dishonest and misrepresenting such a campaign. Sheila seeks help to expose Kaylie‘s condition from Ellen Beals who has come back to exonerate herself from being investigated for the Payson/Sasha video scandal. Payson shares with Kaylie that her parents can‘t afford to come to Worlds and are in heavy debt. Kaylie comes up with the perfect idea for Payson to be the spokesperson for Healthy Bar instead of herself. Max agrees to work on a presentation to convince the Healthy Bar reps that Payson is their girl. At the Tanner party, Max runs to seclusion after Lauren throws herself on him sexually and Payson admits to being in love with him. When Austin finds Max, he‘s drunk and overwhelmed. Max kisses Austin. Lauren is forced to tell Summer the truth about the video when Ellen Beals tips Summer to ask Steve who sent the training cam video to the NGO. Realizing that Steve and Lauren have been keeping this horrible secret all along, Summer refuses to have anything to do with Lauren and Steve ever again.

Episode 2.20 (Season Finale?)
No synopsis available yet.

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