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Latest from Kristin - Various Shows - 22nd March 2011

Thanks to ilenya for the heads up.

Clarita: I read somewhere that Fringe isn't getting renewed! I know you'll give me a straight answer!
We'll do you one better and let show runner Joel Wyman take this one. Joel tweeted just today that even though there are rumors running rampant on the internet that Fringe is a goner, it's not true at all. "I just hopped on and saw all this. Fringe is not canceled. Some people love bad news so much they make it up!" And Fringe fans better bookmark his Twitter page, because he then tweeted: "We will come here first with the news of a pickup."

SamiJo14: Is Naomi really leaving Private Practice!? Please, I need my PP news!
Audra McDonald is indeed leaving Private Practice, but when we asked Taye Diggs about her exit, he says he doesn't know how long she'll be gone. "We know that she's going to step away for a bit. She's got family in New York City and I commend her for that. Family should always come first," he says. "We'll miss her, but we're also looking forward to her returning at some point." But this is TV: So when one castmember leaves, someone else is introduced in the finale in order to return as a full-time regular the following season. Not always, but it's true in this case. Law & Order veteran Benjamin Bratt will appear in the season finale, and then he will join PP full-time next season. Details of Ben's role are under wraps, but we assume he'll play someone handsome.

Kerrie in Blue Springs, Mo.: Waiting for the "more from Caroline Dhavernas" from Off the Map that was mentioned in the last spoiler chat? Love that show. Thanks.
Caroline gave us a tiny preview of the April 6 Off the Map season finale, saying, "It's a cliffhanger, and it has to do with everything, romance and the choices that Lily has made so it will be interesting."

mahrayan: Grey's scoop!
If you're holding your breath waiting for a Mark-Lexie reunion, you might want to exhale sooner rather than later. Mark Sloan finds out this week that Lexie and Jackson are having a thing. We just talked to Chyler Leigh and asked her if she thought Mark and Lexie were soulmates (a la Meredith and Derek), and she told us, "I think it's still yet to be determined, to be honest. With her and Jackson there's something that's just really refreshing and young in their relationship. There's something to be said for people who are at the same place and want the same things. At the same time she still loves Mark. A few episodes ago she said, 'I love you' to him, and that's the first time she ever said that to him. And I don't think it was just 'I love you because you helped me get through this really hard day.' It was genuine. I think she does absolutely still love Mark, and I think that's really what is going to be the struggle and what's really going to be hard for her is to see if despite all the differences, they actually can make it work." What do you think, Slexie fans? Do they have a shot?

Im_Your_Vanilla: Gimme some Klaine-flavored Glee spoilers!
We wish the only thing following the kiss would be more kissing and more happy times for Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), but Kurt going back to New Directions sparks a pretty important conversation between the two. Not a "fight." A "conversation." Just want to make that clear before the Internet explodes with news that Kurt and Blaine are dunzo.

Virgo119: Do you have any hint on what Glee and Brittana fans can look forward to?
This won't make Brittana fans happy, but Kevin McHale tells us that Brittany and Artie will stay happy. "They work. I think in high school it can be very superficial and about the looks, but somehow Brittany sees through that," he says. "And you wouldn't think she would, but I think she genuinely does. And Artie was the first person to draw any type of emotion out of Brittany, which was big." The couple that works together, stays together, I always say.

Clarissa: Whatever happened to Anne Hathaway coming on Glee?
We asked the same question to executive producer/writer/director Brad Falchuk who tells us they are "trying to make it happen." Apparently, Anne is some huge movie star and has other stuff to do? "She's got a pretty tight schedule too, so we don't know if it's going to happen this season," Brad says. But on the bright side, we have Kristin Chenoweth's return to look forward to!

Nathalia004: True Blood?
Is there such a thing as a supernatural arson investigator? A set spy tells us that Sookie's house appears to be suffering from some fire damage. Mmm...maybe the burn was caused by a witch with twitchy fingers—or a fairy with flaming wings? In other news, season four will feature a couple of would-be werewolf pack alpha males. They have no chance against Alcide (Joe Manganiello), but it's cute that they think they should try.

Penny: Brothers & Sisters?
Do you guys faintly recall Kevin and Scotty's would-be surrogate Michelle? Without giving away the whole storyline, let's just say this: Michelle is a liar.

Karen: Anything you can tell us about 90210?
If you're superjealous of other shows doing musical episodes (Grey's, House) and you want 90210 to jump on the bandwagon, you might get your wish! "I can carry a tune, [but] I'm not really a singer," Matt Lanter tells us. "Actually, we've got a lot of good singers on the show. Tristan Wilds is a singer. Jessica Lowndes a really good singer. I think we could do it! We should campaign for it." You heard him, fans. Go register right now!

Jenny: Is 90210 getting a fourth season?
Most likely. Matt was definitely optimistic. "We just wrapped on the third season. I think we're going to have four coming up," he says. Of course, if and when 90210 returns, it'll be without showrunner Rebecca Sinclair, who decided not to renew her contract for the fourth season.

Claudia in Laredo, Texas: I so love your spoilers so just wondering if you have anything on Being Human. The show is so good!!
Being Human is better than ever—we're so glad SyFy renewed it for a second season. But before this season ends (the finale is April 11), we are going to see the death—the kind that sticks—of a major character, which may or may not have to do with Danny's exorcism of the brownstone. On the bright side, at least the plumbing works!

Nicholas: Season finale scoop on Community, please!
Ken Jeong warns viewers to prepare for awesome-ness. "[The episode] is the most amazing paintball finale, and it will outdo the previous paintball one." How can Community get better than "Modern Warfare?" We can't wait to find out the answer to that question.

lil_kisara: This hell-atus is driving us crazy. Do you have any new Mikita scoop to help is cope with it?
Can we take a moment to recognize that Mikita fans have been creeping up on Finchel fans for the "highest amount of frantic tweets regarding TV couples" award? Congrats! But back to Mikita. Shane West tells us that there were always plans for Michael and Nikita to be the centralized couple, but that doesn't mean it'll be smooth sailing. "Everything has been so fast paced. I know [the writers] have the basis of Michael and Nikita being essentially this love story that was very prevalent in the Peta Wilson Nikita," he explains to us. "But [Maggie Q and I] heard that people might come and go to mess with the potential of that relationship." Uh-oh. There be trouble ahead!

Tanitacezzanne: Fringe spoilers?
Fringe is seeking a "well-known male Japanese actor in his late 40s to late 50s who speaks English" to play a mysterious character named "Moreau" in the season finale. (You just know the writers were visualizing Ken Watanabe when they wrote this part!)

Irene: I love No Ordinary Family, do you have any scoop on the finale and what they're going to do next year?
Everybody's favorite NOF character, Romany Malco's George, is getting super in the finale! See, Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) has got her hands on the permanence serum, and George ends up being on the scene while she's trying to use the serum to create a legion of evil minions. Of course, there's going to be a SuperGeorge if and only if NOF gets picked up, and so far a renewal looks iffy at best. (Both Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz have signed on to do other TV shows if NOF doesn't get a season two order from ABC.)

Ellie: I love Kate and Justin on Fairly Legal, any hope for a reunion once and for all?
Off again. On again. Off again. These very close exes are so flip-floppy it makes us dizzy. And in this week's Fairly Legal season finale, Kate has some surprising news that only adds to the drama. It seems like the writers are going to torture us some more when this new conflict creates a schism that just might push these two apart for good. Sad face. Let's just say, we hope this show gets a second season.

Jill: Any scoop on anything on USA?! I love every single damn show on that network.
Us too! Now, let's see. Well…Covert Affairs is back in production! The season two premiere will feature a beautiful Baltic tennis pro who's been sharing secrets with the CIA for years, but whose cover is about to be blown, putting her in grave danger. Luckily, the CIA is ready and willing to deploy espionage Swiss army knife Annie Walker, aka Golden Globe nominee Piper Perabo, to save their imperiled source. Good times.

Jessica: Justified scoop please!
Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) has a brand-new job and a brand-new suit. So what kind of job can a former white supremacist leader and felon get in this tough economy? A hired gun for a mining company of course! Luckily this new career path puts Boyd right back where he belongs, bantering with Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant). Yay for our favorite bromance!

Peter: Any news on the return of Burn Notice?
So excited that Burn Notice is coming back! Episode two this summer features an extra serving of debauchery for Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan). He's charged with protecting a sloppy-drunk, womanizing British scientist who is thought to be a security risk prone to divulging top-secret info while under the influence of wine and women. Mike joins the brainiac for a boondoogle science conference, in order to help save the old dog from himself.

Brittany: How long is Jennifer Morrison sticking around for on How I Met Your Mother?
Long enough for Ted (Josh Radnor) to plan a romantic getaway with Zoey (Morrison). And as per usual with Ted, nothing goes quite the way it was planned. And remember all the hullabaloo surrounding the Arcadian Hotel? You know, the reason Ted and Zoey met in the first place? Well, that particular location causes quite a bit of grief for the rest of the gang, particularly Marshall (Jason Segel) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris).

judy1987: Any scoop on Blue Bloods?
Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) will be entering the most dangerous and cut-throat world Linda's niece (who also happens to be a model) is poisoned at a runway show along with a reporter, and everyone from the camera crews to the designers are suspects.

SadieJezierski: Chuck scoops!
Episode 23 is called "Chuck versus the Last Details." Our favorite engaged couple are putting the finishing touches on their big day while working on opposite sides of the planet: Chuck's going to be running a mission in a Colombian prison, while Sarah's off somewhere speaking Korean—so she's either in North or South Korea or, well, maybe just L.A.'s Koreatown. Will our favorite spies make it to the altar in time? We'll probably have to wait until the last possible minute to find out, but does anybody doubt that the long-long-long awaited Chuck-Sarah union is going to be amazing and completely worth the wait?

Adam: Parks and Recreation getting renewed was the best thing NBC has done all season. Got any scoop to help celebrate?
Here's a riddle for you: What happens when the great Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) runs out of ideas? We'll find out when the Parks department takes a camping trip in this week's episode. Another riddle: how could Ann (Rashida Jones) top her embarrassing "I didn't know Chris broke up with me" situation? Rob Lowe is back to help us answer that question.

Denise in Madison, Wis.: There seems to be a lot of concern in the Supernatural fandom that Dean may have an addiction to pills. This came about after an ep in which Dean pulled what looked to be a prescription bottle out of his pocket and offered them to Sam. Has there been any talk amongst the Supernatural writers about Dean having an addiction to pills, or are the fans reading too much into a non-issue? This really has become a major worry for some fans. Thank you.
Rest easy, kids. The Winchesters have a lot of problems, but according to a source close to the show, drug addiction not one (currently) of them. There you have it: Dean is not addicted to pills! Feel better?

Source: E!Online