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Latest from Ausiello - Various Shows - 03/01/11

Question: Is How I Met Your Mother going to show us the “Mother’s” face in the season finale? Or are they going to make that the cliffhanger? —Matt
No idea. I bet if we knew what the title of the episode was we could extract a clue or two from it. THIS JUST IN: I can exclusively reveal that the title of How I Met Your Mother‘s sixth season finale is… “Challenge Accepted.” What does it all mean? I believe that’s what God invented comments sections for.

Question: Tell me something about How I Met Your Mother that doesn’t involve the mother or the mystery wedding. —Jill
The gang will suffer another devastating loss later this season. Hint: For the past six years, it’s been more up-close and personal with their privates, in particular their butts. I’m talking about their booth at MacLaren’s! A new group of friends enter the pub and steal their coveted perch. Cue World War III.

Question: Is Terri returning to Glee his season? I have a sinking feeling she won’t be back next year. —Rion
I can’t speak about next season, but I can tell you that Jessalyn Gilsig reported back to the set this week for an episode to air in late March/early April. And rumor has it Terri’s up to her old tricks again.

Question: Any clues about the big Glee death at Regionals? —Cindy
I never said the death was big — I said the fallout was. And the only other clue you’re getting is the gender of the victim: male.

Question: Any other cast additions to Boardwalk Empire in Season 2? —Jacob
In addition to the arrival of legendary gangster Bugsy Siegel, S2 will introduce Al Capone’s twentwsomething brothers, Ralph and Frank.

Question: Any chance I could get a Brothers & Sisters scoop? —Amy
The buzz around the Walker watercooler is that if the show returns next season, there’s a good chance Ryan Devlin will be upgraded to a full-fledged series regular — something the actor would neither confirm nor deny. “All I know is that I’m shooting the season finale in a couple weeks and have heard rumors that Seth will be back next year,” Devlin tells me. “Calista [Flockhart] said there are some surprises coming, but despite my prodding, she wouldn’t reveal what they are.” Wait a second — Calista Flockhart knows what’s happening in the finale and I don’t? That’s it. Heads are gonna roll.

Question: Have we seen the last of America Ferrera on The Good Wife? Hope not. It was really nice seeing her back on my TV. —Charlotte
Wasn’t it, though? Luckily her character Natalie is back for another two episodes when a guilt-ridden Eli convinces Lockhart & Gardner to help sort out her immigration issues. A complication arises when her father, played by New York actor Jaime Tirelli, gets in trouble with the law and faces possible deportation. Speaking of Good Wife, was this week’s episode all that and a bag of Pop Chips or what?

Question: Please tell me that ABC Family didn’t totally spoil the Greek series ending in this promo! —Britney
ABC Family didn’t totally spoil the ending of the series in the promo. They only partially spoiled it. But under no circumstances should you let that deter you from watching the feel-great swan song. There are several fun surprises that weren’t teased in that clip, including this one: A Buffy vet makes a hilarious cameo in the first 30 minutes!

Question: is Keith from Desperate Housewives really leaving The Lane for good? —@LexieKarev
Unfortunately he is. Brian Austin Green scored the lead (opposite Lost‘s Harold Perrineau) in the TBS comedy pilot The Wedding Band, so he’s otherwise engaged (see what I did there? Wedding Band? Engaged?). Bree won’t be without male companionship for long though. The show is currently casting a new love interest for her, and rumor has it her suitor’s profession will cause problems for a certain Wisterian.

Question: When will Jenny come back to Gossip Girl? —Phillip
That’s the $1 million question. Officially, exec producer Josh Safran would only say, “You’ll have to wait and see.” Taylor Momsen is currently touring the country in support of her new album, although she is scheduled to make a pit stop in New York on Wednesday. Maybe she’ll drop by the UES for a quickie?

Question: Can you confirm that Michelle Trachtenberg is returning to Gossip Girl? —Jen
I can’t, but Mr. Safran sure can. “Georgina is coming back later this season,” the boss man tells me of the hellion’s one-episode encore. “We love Michelle. We love Georgina. We love coming up with new [schemes] for Georgina. If you’re a fan of [her previous stints], then this one will be very satisfying.”

Question: How will Prince Louis’s return on Gossip Girl affect the budding relationship between Dan/Blair? —Katie
By the sounds of it, Blair’s royal crush will figure into this season’s final salvo in a significant way. “I’m very proud of this season, but I’m especially proud of these last five episodes,” says Safran. “I feel like they go to all the places I would hope — if I were just a fan just watching — the show would go. And that involves Prince Luis. But in what capacity, I don’t want to say. Obviously there are [paparazzi] shots of him out there so people know he’s coming back, but I think they might be surprised about the way in which he comes back.”

Question: Any scoop on the arrival of Aunt Carol on Gossip Girl? —Craig
Yes, and it’s a doozy: She won’t be coming to town alone. As first hinted at by Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, she’ll be accompanied by her daughter (played by The Mountain‘s Kaylee Defer). I’m guessing producers have big plans for Serena and Eric’s cousin since her deal with the show includes an option to become a series regular next season.

Question: Ausiello, if you had to pick a comedy that airs at 8 pm on Wednesdays on ABC to give me scoop for, would you choose The Middle and what would you tell me about it? —Andrew
Well, although the competition among shows that air on ABC Wednesdays at 8 was stiff, I would in fact choose The Middle. So here’s your scoop: Axl will be going to the prom with a girl who is about as far from his type as Patricia Heaton is from Charo! And that may be an understatement. His date is so weird, she makes Brick seem normal. Well, normal-ish. Needless to say, there are extenuating (and presumably highly amusing) circumstances that lead to him asking out the school outcast known as “Weird Ashley.”

Question: Parenthood scoop? —Deb
Here are two words I never thought I’d include in the same sentence: Amber and prom. However, the former will most certainly be attending the latter this spring, but not on the arm of Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster. She attends the big dance with a friend of Alex’s (Michael B. Jordan), and the results are — no surprise here — disastrous.

Question: Modern Family scoop, please? –Carter
Since the show is currently casting a young Carey Hart type to play a go-kart racetrack cashier during May sweeps, I’m thinking Family members are about to make like hell on wheels. Either that, or Dylan has another rival for Haley’s attention.

Question: Anything on the new season of Hung? — Charles
Ray may be about to experience another first, even for him: The show is casting the recurring role of a knockout pre-op transsexual woman (in other words, a genetic male who is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery). Doesn’t matter to the show whether it’s a woman who can pass for a man, or a man who can pass for a woman; they just have to be pretty.

Question: I’ll take a Big Bang Theory scoop please! —Denny
Oh, you will, will you? How’s this? Sheldon is about to take the law into his own hands… and then put the law in the hands of a 40ish police officer. The crime: an online gaming robbery.

Question: In last week’s AA, you said that Community‘s Firefly reference brought to 134 the number of times the show was given a shout-out on a scripted series this season. Can you publish a list of the other 133? —Miranda
I actually can’t, but I have a very good excuse: I was exaggerating for comedic effect! Speaking of Community, Abed’s birthday is coming up and it’s going to be epic. Think **** *******.

Question: So what’s the deal with Two and a Half Men — is it over for good? —Andy
This could change, but the last I heard was that Chuck Lorre has a plan in place to save the show, which means he’ll most likely be needing this. And while we’re on the subject of Charlie Sheen, I do not appreciate him dragging Ask Ausiello into the mud pit with statements such as this one: “I was shackled and oppressed by the cult of AA for 22 years.” For starters, AA hasn’t been around that long. Second, who’s forcing you to read it? Exactly. Winning.

Question: House and Cuddy fans are just dying to see next Monday’s “Bombshells” episode. Could you share whether or not the episode ends on a positive note for Huddy and their relationship? —Lane
I’ll say this about the ending: There’s absolutely nothing ambiguous about it.

Question: I’m obsessed with 90210 — particularly the Silver/Adrianna plot. Scoop? —Nick
You already know that Adrianna’s going push Silver off the deep end by screwing with her bipolar meds. But what I’m pretty sure you don’t know is what will happen to Silver’s hair as a result: *t *u*** ******!

Source: TVLine

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