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Exclusive: CW pilot script reviews for Secret Circle, Awakening, Heavenly, Heart of Dixie,Danni Lewinski and Cooper and Stone

Grade: B

While not exactly Emmy worthy this is the strongest of the three CW fantasy scripts and thus the most likely show to get the post-Vampire Diaries slot next fall. It follows EMO zombie lawyer Jenna in denial trying to be human in a relationship with a human whose father is a zombie hunter. He recently discovered his father is a zombie hunter but isn't aware Jenna is a zombie. There's a Zombie Hunter working for the government who keeps hunting the zombies throughout the pilot -through their facebook friends lists! It's more True Blood than Vampire Diaries in its setting and tone. It is very different from The Walking Dead. Zombies can transform from human form into full decay form at will and there are zombie parties where they kidnap humans and eat them while dancing to Michael Jackson's thriller. Jenna's parents and sister are also Zombies but are more accepting of their zombie identity.

Heart of Dixie
Grade: B

More in the style of Life Unexpected and WB dramas than most stuff on the CW. Good characters and development in the episode. It's filled with quirky characters. Dialogue is charming and heartfelt. This is much deeper show than anything on the CW and might be considered off brand. Usual CW love triangle develops in the pilot.

Cooper and Stone
Grade: C

Yes it's completely ridiculous but it embraces its stupidity. It sort of works for the CW think Blair Waldorf style cops. Depending on the execution this could actually be a decent guilty pleasure with lots of cool dialogue. Basically a buddy cop comedy about light headed bitches.

Danni Lewinski
Grade: C -

Pretty bland lawyer show and completely off brand for the CW, i doubt they'll pick this up.

Secret Circle
Grade: D
More childish and much less intense compared to the Vampire Diaries. This is more of a high school drama than a fantasy. Some mythology and mystery in the background but ultimately Awakening was a much stronger script and should receive the Vampire Diaries lead-in next season. No strong romance like in the Vampire Diaries to grip the audience

Grade: F
An abomination - think the usual CW love triangle but with an Angel, a pastor and a lawyer - yeah Christians might boycott this!
Lawyer Lilly gets an Angel working for her who actually saved her life as a child when she was drowning. It had a boring case of the week about reckless driving. Seriously how was this even ordered to pilot?