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Adams TV Teasers - SpoilerTV Exclusive - Castle, Chuck, The Mentalist, Desperate Housewives (Plus What Could Have Been For Two & A Half Men)

Hey Guys, the latest instalment of Adam's TV Teasers is ready to go, we have lots of bits and pieces, episode titles, casting news and synopsis' to read through for a wide variety of shows. Hope you enjoy and comment away below.

Issue 11

Episode 3.20 is entitled 'Slice of Death.'

Monica Wyatt is the main guest star of the week; she's in her 40's and a bit of a beauty.
She is also the ex-girlfriend of the episodes murder victim who is reporter Grayson Burns.
Also in the episode is 3 Italians, all involved in a 'Pizza War' between some "Famous Jays of New York..." Intruiging huh?

C.S.I Miami
Episode 9.21 is entitled 'L.I.V.E.'

The episode has a guest starring lead, Neal who is an unlikeable accountant who gets 'Lost in a Crowd.'
He's also a family man involved in a midlife crisis, and unable to understand why these horrible events are happening in his once-dull live.
Let's say it involved stolen guns, murders, escapes, huntings and stabbings. And a struggle to get anyone on his side... Sounds like a bad week.
The official synopsis of the episode hints at his misery being caused by the other half of his 'happy marriage.' :S

One Tree Hill
Episode 8.21

The producers are hunting for an actress who could easily be mistaken for a Top Model.
The said actress will play Taryn, in her mid twenties and bonds with Quinn on location of a photo shoot.

Law & Order: SVU
An upcoming episode is entitled 'Brood.'

Ken Cummings will feature promiently in the episode. He is wealthy, hamdsome, appealing, likeable & loving.
That being said, he does have his dark side; 47 children! Not so bad? That is until it is learnt that he uses his charms to seduce women then poke holes in condoms to get them pregnant. WTF?
So therefore there's also over 40 mothers because of him, and needless to say he seeings nothing wrong in this. Infact he sees himself like Montezuma the Aztec Leader who supposedly had hundreds of children. Sounds a bit mental to me...

Two & a Half Men
Episode 8.18 (Or At Least It Would Have Been!)

Seeing as the episode is cancelled, thought you would like a taste of the 'Big Guest Star' the producers had planned.
The role was of Jonathan, a very handsome man who is a potential client of Lyndsey.
The twist comes when he goes on a date (according to Alan) but in the end, Charlie befriends him and takes him for a night of partying.
Charlie and Jonathan then wake up next to each other in bed the next morning with no recollection of what happened.
Oh, and Jonathan is gay! Was this a controversial storyline planned for Charlie Sheens return??

Episode 1.20 is entitled 'Glass Houses.'
The guest star for the week is Dana Winters, an African American who is a Division Guardian stationed in a sleepy town.
She has learnt to blend into her surroundings, living a simple suburban life but finds herself in danger when someone tries to use her 'skills'... Mysterious!?

Episode 4.21 is entitled 'Chuck vs. The Wedding Planner.'

The titular wedding planner is Daphne Peralta, a wedding planner you wish you had; Fashionable, fit, smart and even a little bit sexy. Yes...
As always with Chuck, to mix it up is the 'Father of the Bride' who just happens to be a nuclear scientist working for Iran.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Episode 10.03 is entitled 'Trophy Wife.'

The episode features Avery Metcalfe, a mid thirties tough cookie who is beautiful, smart and stylish.
She's also married to an unattractive old man and they are both having affairs with gorgeous twenty-somethings.
The drama strikes up when her older husband dies of a heart attack... or does he? Expect cover-ups, lies, divorces and money troubles along the way.

The Mentalist
Episode 3.20 is entitled 'In The Red.'

The episode revolves around Heather Blue and Cole Rodney.
When Ted is murdered, Heather, a do-gooderer who works in an animal shelter and Cole, a mercenary soldier in Iraq find themselves in a twisting web of lies and mixed loyalties.
Also watch out for Vivian Griswold. Think surveillance as you are watching :P

Episode 4.02 is entitled 'The 10 Li'l Grifters Job.'

In the episode is Det. Ray Hammet who is covering Morris Beck's annual party at his mansion.
The aformentioned Morris Beck is a well dressed businessman, who has been involved with several buildings which just so happened to have collapsed over the last ten years.
Beck adds intruigue to the episode by inviting his business 'competitors' to his mansion for a weekend of murder mystery. The question is, does he just view them as rivals... or enemies?

Desperate Housewives
Episode 7.19

In the episode is Meg Butler, a smart, no nonsense CEO of a tech company who looks down on all who are lower than her in business.
Also in the episode is Peter, described as a nice 7 funny co-star as a 20-something production assistant. Expect laughs!

The Good Wife
Episode 2.20

The storyline for the episode is that while representing the owner of an oil drilling company whose contract was mistranslated, Will is shocked when his case is usurped by the actor, lawyer and politician defending Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Also Alicia deals with the spousal interview she had sworn she would never give.

Criminal Minds
Episode 6.21 is entitled 'The Stranger.'

Blue Boods
Episode 1.19 is entitled 'All That Glitters.'

The storyline follows Margaret Olsen, and when her husband is shot and killed in an apparent mugging, she identifies someone as the killer.
Danny however, thinks shes not being entitely honest!

CSI: Crime Scene Investgation
Episode 11.20 is entitled 'Father Of The Bride.'

The storyline follows Nick and Greg dealing with a barn full of scattered body parts, of course not helped by there being no heads in the mess.
Also back on the case is Langston's old nemesis Nate Haskell, adding troubles to the teams work.

CSI: New York
Episode 7.22 is entitled 'Exit Strategy.'

The storyline is that Mac withdraws into his own thoughts; his objective to study a case that's sat on his desk for the past nine years... Dramatic I'm sure!

That's all we have for this week, check back next time for more TV Teasers.

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