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Supernatural - SPN Fan Week - Poll version

First off - the old news. I forgot to announce the winners of the ultimate polls we did a couple of weeks ago. Basically, main characters did very well. So here's the final results:

Ultimate Death: Dean ripped apart by hell hounds took first place with 123 votes (19%) with Ellen and Jo blasted in second with 119 votes (18%), and Sam knifed had 101 votes (16%).

Ultimate One-Shot Person in Peril: The winner was Future Dean with 99 votes (23%), Suicidal Teddy Bear in second with 86 votes (20%), and Jimmy Novak in third with 67 votes (15%).

Ultimate One-Shot Antagonist/Monster: Meg-possessed Sam had the most votes with 73 (21%), Shapeshifter Dean had 50 (15%), and Famine had 33 (10%).

Ultimate Recurring Character: We started by excluding Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Castiel from the competition. No brother wars here please. That left the Chevy Impala at the top with 144 votes (28%), Gabriel with 104 (20%), and John Winchester received 86 votes (17%).

Ultimate Episode: Pardon me as I shed a tear for my personal favorite, What Is and What Should Never Be. And the winner was.....Swan Song with 105 votes (19%), Changing Channels with 54 (10%), and All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2 with 50 (9%).

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Today's Challenge:

Today, we are going to do 2 polls. To celebrate TNT showing Mystery Spot today, vote for your favorite Mystery Spot death. Don't forget to let TNT know that you support them and appreciate the love they show Supernatural. We are also going to vote on which new episode we are most looking forward to. Since I'm guessing everyone is looking forward to Friday's episode (or else you wouldn't be reading this), you can vote for 2 episodes on this one. I've put basic info about the episodes underneath the Mystery Spot poll. As always, comments make hiatus pass faster and tell a SPN fan (or the cast and crew) you appreciate them.

Mystery Spot Death Poll:

Upcoming Supernatural Episodes: CAUTION - HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!

6.12 - Like a Virgin - They fight dragons and Sam is back. Big news on a big bad.
6.13 - Unforgiven - Dean finds out what Sam was doing in the year they were separated.
6.14 - Mannequin 3: The Reckoning - Ben calls Dean back to Lisa's and Sam investigates murders surrounding a missing person.
6.15 - The French Mistake (aka the meta episode) - The Winchesters wake up on the set of Supernatural the TV show.
6.16 - ...And then There Were None - Dean and Sam reunite with Bobby, Rufus, and Grandpa Creepy. Someone dies.
6.17 - Trail of the Dead (aka Gallow's Pole) - The Winchesters in the Old West. Includes Samuel Colt, the Colt, and a new angel.
6.18 - My Heart Will Go On (aka Your Time is Gonna Come) - Um, it probably does NOT have anything to do with the Titanic or Celine Dion. It may have someone named Altropos or Altopos in it. The latter is from Greek mythology.

Don't forget to pick TWO!

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Bonus pictures from Jim Beaver. BTS photo from Bobby's stairs for episode 6.17.