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So, did everyone watch Smallville and Supernatural tonight? I hope so. If you did and you have Twitter, tweet #IWatchedSV #IWatchedSPN. Let's see how many people watched - including those like me that Nielsen doesn't count. I know there's a lot of us out there that are invisible in the ratings.

I don't know about you but Smallville has a lot more action in it than I remembered. Plus, Lois is infinitely better than Lana. Not to mention Michael Shanks is always a winner in my book. But enough about Smallville. I'm incredibly psyched about Friday having seen Appointment in Samarra again. Will Sam's wall hold? What's going on with the souls? Exactly what kind of detective work do you have to do to please Death? Julian Richings may be the most fitting match between actor and guest character this show has ever had. He creeps me out but I can't look away because he is so mesmerizing. Let's hope Death is not the Big Bad this season because that cannot possibly end well for the Winchesters.

Yesterday we did polls but the winners are not in yet. Voting closes at midnight midwest USA time so if you haven't already, vote here. So far, Dean smashed by a piano is the favorite Mystery Spot death and Friday's Like a Virgin is the most anticipated new episode. In other news, in keeping with our TNT love fest, I was watching Cold Case today and Taylor Cole, who played Sarah Blake in Provenance, guest starred as a beautifully cold opportunist. Man, I wish Sarah would come back.

Today's Challenge:

So today, we celebrate all the fabulous and talented SPN fans that make fan art. Whether done with traditional paints and pencils or created digitally, SPN fans do amazing work. Which artists do you recommend? What digital manipulation had you slack-jawed on Facebook? Who needs some recognition for dedicating their time and talents to make the rest of us happy? Most of all, whose work helps you get through bad days and hellatus? I'm new to the fan art scene, but here are three recommended to me.

An awesome response to the CW by savedean. Thanks to Dyanna_23 for sending it to me and Kyelinn for letting me know who to credit.

This one is by Petite Madame at deviantart.net. This website has a lot of Supernatural artists of all types. Thanks to Claudia for mentioning Petite Madame.

This one makes me laugh. It's by Enouva. Thanks Jillyanne for bringing it to my attention.

Other ways to celebrate:

1. Continue to write to the Supernatural Cast and Crew. Love Castiel's trench coat? Write to the wardrobe crew. Squicked out by all the cool gore this season? Make sure the make up and special effects people know. It doesn't have to be anything long or fancy. Everyone appreciates a "good job" now and then.

Supernatural Cast & Crew
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby BC
V3N 5C8

2. Support other Supernatural fans. Here's some sites:

Nueva 74 has a Supernatural site on YouTube.
Our own Jillyanne created a Supernatural Jingle Bells song with help from many of you.
SammWinchester is throwing an online SPN party on Friday before the premiere.
Croustipics downloads hundreds of SPN pictures on Twitter, many of which I hadn't seen before.

3. Cast you vote. Supernatural is in several online polls every day. Here are two:

TV Guide Fan poll
BuzzSugar's CW poll

4. Let people know what country you are from in the comments below. Supernatural is an international fanbase. I still maintain we couldn't have won the Best Show contest here without our Russian friends. Let's show our global support. Where are you from and how do you support Supernatural?

5. Promote the heck out of the midseason premiere on Friday. Let's make this the most watched Supernatural episode of all time. If nothing else, it will empower us, make the cast and crew feel appreciated, and let the CW know that no matter what they do, they cannot stop the Supernatural fandom! After all, Buddy TV called us the most rabid fandom on TV (in a good way). Let's show the positive power of our passion. Besides, it's the least we can do after all the hard work the cast and crew put in even though they were suffering from the flu. That's dedication!

Happy Supernatural Fan Week! Tell a fan how much you appreciate them today! #SPNFanWeek

Screencaps by Petite Madame, Enouva, and another I don't know so can't credit. Sorry.
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