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Supernatural - Like A Virgin - Recap

The boys are back! Supernatural is back! And I mean that in every way possible. After two months+ an extra week of the hellatius, the show is back, and with a bang. So without further ado, let the recapping begin!

They're back in the saddle again

A while ago I posted a few things I want to see in this half of the season. One of them was the good ol' Rock songs, and clips. And the SPN gods obliged. It's not AC\DC, but Aerosmith's "Back In the Saddle" totally rocked the house with an awesome recap clip of the first half.

The episode starts with a couple flying in a 2-seat plane through a lightning storm. 'Cause that's smart. There's a glimpse of a flying creature, and the girl freaks out. The guy tries to help her relax…And gets snatched out of the plane. Whoops. Girl screams in terror, and scene.

Opening titles! (God, I missed those)

Cas confirms Sam's soul's back, but is still angry with Dean for doing it.

"If you wanted to kill your brother, you should've done it outright". Tense.

Bobby's telling Dean about the curious case of the 2-seater, when… Good morning, Sam! (Insert soul pun here). Dean is happy to see his old brother back, but Bobby, being almost killed by Robosam a few days back, is understandably skeptical, and acts kinda cold towards him. He warns Dean of Sam's "B side" when he finds out they're deceiving him, but Dean insists on doing "business as usual".

The 22 year-old virgin

Sam also insists on doing "business and usual", and joins Dean on the case. They investigate plane-girl's sister, and visit her (very) pink room. Dean raises a theory that whatever they're dealing with was after virgins. He tries to prove it by reading a part of diary, which is follows this exchange:

Sam: "Did you st

eal that from her room?"

Dean: "I love that you even ask me that."

We love it too, Dean. For the past half of the season, Sam was the more humorous one, having no soul and all. But now he's back to being the duo's moral compass, and I missed that kind of banter between them.

At a catholic school, another virgin is kidnapped. Or is she? Turns out she wasn't really a virgin, even though she had promise ring, and so she wasn't abducted by the "giant bat".

Somebody call Hagrid

Sam goes online, and come

s to a conclusion that they're after a Dragon. Yes, Dragon. Big wings, fire-breath, and apparently a virgin-abductor. Loved all the references in this part. Anyway, the boys call Bobby, who got bupkis, but he sends them to a friend of his, which Dean goes to see.

Meanwhile, we find out the Dragon isn't an actual Dragon, but a man with burning hands, that can fly, and apparently also teleport. A 21st century Dragon, if you will. And he locks up all the virgins in a cage for some devious purpose.

Dean goes to see Bobby's friend, Dr. Visyak, who tells him Dragons are real, and so are the swords that kill them. She also happens to have one in her basement. Dean tries (with some funny physical comedy) to pull it out in order to slay the beast, but no luck. But no worries, Dean has a plan B.

Between a rock and a hard place

Sam noticed Bobby's weird behavior around him, and tries to call him for some answers. Bobby tells him everything's fine, and quickly hangs up. So Sam goes to another source- Cas. Apparently, Dean failed to mention to Cas the "Hiding-the-truth-from-Sam" plan, so Cas spills the beans about everything. If it was anyone but Cas, I think they would've seen Sam' strange behavior upon learning the truth, but… It's Cas.

In the Doc's house, Sir Dean the brave decides to use the modern knight's best friend- C4. And it works alright, smashing the rock to bits. And the sword in half. Oops.

Dungeons and Dragons

Well, more like Sewers and Dragons. Sam figures out the Dragon must be hiding in the sewer, so he and Dean go underground. They find the virgins only to be attacked by TWO Dragons. Didn't see that coming, huh? Dean attacks them with his magical half-sword.

"Where did you get that?"

-"Comic con"

Oh, Dean. I bet you're glad Sam has his soul back, so you can comically outshine him again. (Nah, Sam also has his moments, soul or no soul :P ). They manage to kill one Dragon, and the other teleports away. (Yes, teleports, not flies. They're in the sewer, people).

Touchy-feely crap!

Sam and Dean sit down for a very-missed brotherly talk. Sam tells Dean he knows everything, and is angry at him for not telling him the truth. Dean plays the big brother card, saying it was to protect him, to keep him alive. Well, he knows and he's not dead yet. Maybe 'cause that wall's still standing.

I'm not sure how I feel about Sam using the "what would you do" card twice in this episode. I mean, sure, Dean would've done this and that, but if there's one thing we learned is that the brother are very different. Despite all their love, they also argue often about methods and tactics. That are decisions Sam made that Dean wouldn't and vice-versa. Maybe the right thing to do was tell Sam the truth, but Dean acted out of caring for his family. He tried to have a normal life but couldn't, so Sam's practically his only family left, and if a little deceiving is what it takes to keep him ok, then Dean would make that sacrifice.

Something wicked this way comes

Bobby interrupts the heart-talk, and tells the brothers what the Dragons' end-game is- to release the Mother of All. Of all what? Probably monsters. I think this…creature, whatever she is, somehow created every monster the boys ran into (Monsters, not demons). That means she

is one bad-ass chick, and I have a feeling all hell is gonna break loose. And I love it :)

This episode was awesome! It was worth waiting all this time to see it. We go the classic rock back, we got Sam back, we got awesome humor and monsters back, we got a big bad…Pretty much everything I listed I wanted tosee.


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