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Supernatural - Fan Question - Who Are You?

I've been interested in the demographics for Supernatural fans for a long time. Mostly because what people say about us don't seem to match the people I meet online or the fans I see in convention pictures. Now we've got the NY Times claiming that we are around 15 years old. However, my friend Jilly posted a link from the Huffington Post saying it's closer to 36 years old. So it begs the question: How old are Supernatural fans? My guess is every age, but skewing around 30-40's. Please help by answering these 2 demographic questions. I in no way will (and am not technologically capable of) linking any information to you personally. I just want to see the overall results in an informal poll. Please pass the link. The more people who take it the more accurate it is likely to be.

Thanks for your input.
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