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Supernatural - 6.12 Like A Virgin - Who is Mother?

Ain't it grand to be back? I know with that CW scheduling fiasco, and the 8-week wait, I almost got the shakes... And while this post isn't strictly to speak on the episode itself, I would just like to say that amongst a generally forgettable story of the week, the dynamic of Sam the Soulful has returned to the show. When Sam interrupted Dean and Bobby discussing dragons of all things, my heart skipped a beat. It was that instant "Oh wow...he's BACK..." I also enjoyed my dose of Bobby the estranged: he, like I would be in his position, just didn't trust Sam yet. I found this to be believable and a good way for the preceding events to actually feel like they hadn't been swept under the rug like it had never happened...
Anyway, what I really loved about this episode was the end. Why? because we got a (generally well-conceived) new player on the board and I think she has quite a bit of promise about her. As Bobby stated (in dramatic dialogue that transitioned the camera from Dean's "what the forsaken virgin?" look to two guys pushing a virgin into a hole) her name... is "Mother."
And as far as we know, she's "mother of all," but what does that really mean?
Ok first, let's go over what we know about her so far:
  • Virgin Magnet (Aren't they just so innocent? You could just eat them up!)
(Counterargument: WHY ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS? Didn't we have enough of them in Lilith, Ruby, and Meg!???---To be answered soon!)
  • Lives in a hole that looks extremely familiar to what Hell could look like...? (Supposedly Purgatory...)
  • Has red flashy eyes... unless that was the fire reflecting in them...
  • Is slightly impatient. (It's rude to keep your mother waiting...)
  • Has that whole "more powerful than thou" complex about her...
  • Commands...DRAGONS of all things. (Why bring dragons into this!?? Writers!!--Fear not, this will be answered soon...)
Well, I wanted to find out, so what did I do? I GOOGLED IT.
Furthermore, I read the article on wikipedia, so you know its the good knowledge and irrefutable proof! *wink*
Want to know what I found? It's practically a wealth of knowledge about "Mother" that we may or may not expect to see soon. And did I mention? It's awesome...
Ok, Greek and Roman mythology majors/enthusiasts! Ever heard of ECHIDNA?
Well, according to wikipedia, Echidna is the "mother of all monsters." Sounds familiar, no?
Well, it gets better. Also, She takes the form of a young, beautiful woman...(there's one issue But that's not all, folks!) Supposedly she's also half serpent. That's right, slithering sex, people! A woman with a forked tongue! (...Insert joke here! You know, if you're a bigot...) She and her mate Typhon are the parents of the world's monsters. Some well-known examples from mythology? The dragon that guarded the golden fleece (yep, the dragon! Another answer!), the gorgons*, the hydra (the sea monster that regrew heads after one would slice a head off...), and among many other notable creatures, last but certainly not least, Cerberus, you know, the many-headed oversized hound that guarded Hades? So, yeah, one might say her reputation precedes her after becoming aware of her past feats and sexual conquests... (it's pretty gnarly to have THAT many children and they all end up a totally different kind of evil all to themselves!).
Another tidbit? Supposedly she lives underground in what is described as out of reach from the mortals as well as the undying gods, in her own domain, a cave where she habitually feeds on the flesh of humans. So there's the issue about the chasm that totally looked like it could've been hell figured out as well.
Now, having this information really makes me excited about the trajectory the storyline could take from this point on. There is quite a bit of untapped potential in Echidna, and I hope the writers can flesh it all out to be an outstanding character, and make this season end with a bang!

*Edited facts

**Also, I thought that since many would probably go do their own research after this to possibly see more of Echidna, I just wanted to give you guys a warning: searching for this mother will result in your google showing you terrifying images JUST LIKE THIS!

Where did I get that awesome drawing of Echidna? at this wonderful wiki site that has even more information for your reading pleasure!

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