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Question of the Day - Why is it that most comedies are 21 minutes long?

Today's Question of the Day comes from JosephMcLaddle who asks

"This is a very simple question, so I hope for answers that look beyond the obvious.

Why is it that most comedies are 21 minutes long (minus commercials), and dramas are 42 minutes long? Why are some comedies 42 minutes long? Can you think of any 21 minute dramas?

Do you think mix-ups could work, like a 21-minute episode of LOST (or any other drama) or a 42-minute episode of a comedy that excludes a double-episode?

I want to hear specific examples, and ideas that are out of the box! For example, it's easy to think of a Fringe episode that has only one storyline and resolves easily, or a Parks and Recreation episode where they have a festival that lasts a long time.

But what about a Supernatural episode that only lasts half the time? Or an episode of Community that can sustain that quirky humor on a specific subject for a whole hour?

Sound off, you lovable hooligans!"

Ha, interesting question.

How about an Episode of Supernatural where they are transported to a world where time is sped up 2*times :) Everything is double-quick including their speech, making them sound like chimpmunks ;)

What about you? Can you think of any funny scenarious.

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