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Question of the Day - Most disturbing moment in a Movie or TV show?

Welcome to the final Question of the Day for this week. Today's question comes from rochey_1 who asks

"Most disturbing moment in a Movie or TV show....This is the kind of moment that made you really uncomfortable....or your skin crawl?"

Wow, so many to choose from, especially as I'm a huge horror fan. Here are some that I considered.

Head Turning Sex on True Blood
Thanksgiving scene on Dexter with John Lithgow
The whole movie Threads
Castration Scene in Hard Candy
The Foot/Wire Scene in Audition
Rape Scene in Irreversible
Pretty much the whole of the movie Salo
The eye scene in Hostal

But the one that cringed and squirmed the most at was during the original rape scene in I Spit on Your Grave. It's truly one of the most horrific scenes I've ever seen.

The film was named in 2010 one of TIME's Top 10 Ridiculously Violent Movies

From wiki.

Many nations, such as the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Iceland, and West Germany, banned the film altogether, claiming that it "glorified violence against women". Canada initially banned the film, but in the 1990s decided to allow its individual provinces to decide whether to permit its release. Since 1998, some provinces (such as Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Quebec) have released the film, with a rating that reflects its content.

The censored American version of the film was released in Australia in 1982 with an R 18+ rating. In 1987 the film survived an appeal to ban it. It continued to be sold until 1997, when another reclassification caused its ban in Australia. In 2004 the full uncut version was awarded an R 18+, lifting the seven-year ban. The Office of Film and Literature Classification justified this decision by reasoning that castration is not sexual violence (Australian censorship law forbids the release of films that depict scenes of sexual violence as acceptable or justified).[4]

In the United Kingdom, the film was branded a "video nasty". It appeared on the Director of Public Prosecutions's list of prosecutable films until 2001, when a heavily-cut version of was released with an 18 certificate. This British cut version was released on DVD in New Zealand in 2001, with an R18 rating.

So what about you? What are some of the most disturbing scenes that you've seen on TV or at the Movies.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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