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No Ordinary Family - Episode order cut now only 20 episode season

No Ordinary Family's episode count has been reduced to 20 episodes for season 1. this means there are only 4 episodes remaining this season.

The finale will air Tuesday, April 5.

The season finale is currently filming and Stephen Collins says "I don't know how they did this, but the finale is such a deft piece of writing. It answers so many questions and creates so many situations '"

"He's definitely got the big picture in mind, Dr. King," says Collins. "He's going to feed the world and heal the world, and if a couple of dozen people have to die horrible deaths in the service of that, that's a very small price to pay when you look at things like Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean, come on, it's just simple math.

"Listen, if he gets rich in the process ... I think Dr. King fully expects that he'll win a Nobel Prize someday. He's got his eye on the ball. There are big problems in the world, and if he solves them -- if people want to get in his way, OK, but it's really shortsighted of them."

"He's got personal reasons why he's doing what he's doing," says Collins. "However, sure, he wants money, and he loves power, but it's also revealed over the last couple of episodes, there is someone higher up at GlobalTech. That person has been hinted at, and we get more than a glimpse of that person.

As for the big finish, Collins says, "There's an element about King's motivation which is revealed in the finale which, to me, is just fascinating. It's a game-changer, and yet it fits in with everything I've been doing."

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