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Nikita - Episode 1.15 - Alexandra - Review

Another fantastic episode from Nikita last night with the episode 'Alexandra'.

The episode follows Alex as she is given the task of stealing a cell phone from a rich, computer genius in a night club. As Alex goes into the bathroom, she sees Irina who immediately recognises her as someone who came over from Russia with her. Alex is then taken prisoner and drugged by Vlad, a powerful Russian. Both Nikita and Michael sense that Alex is in trouble and they go to rescue her.

Nikita and Michael meet in a sauna where Nikita is trying to get information about where Alex is. Once again, Nikita and Michael must work together. Seeing them work together makes the show so much more intense. I love watching them save each other then go to kill each other. I really do believe Michael has very strong feelings for Nikita. Nikita almost said the "L" word last night which made me squeal!

After revealing to Vlad about Division, Alex manages to convince Irina to let her out of the cage Vlad has locked her leaving Alex to shoot Vlad and tell Irina to run and forget everything she heard. Michael and Nikita both find Alex but Nikita is told by Michael to go before back-up comes. Alex completes her mission by handing Michael the phone.

Although the episode was focused around the past of Alex, I didn't feel that we learned as much as we could have. We already knew about her parents and how they died. What we did learn from this episode is that Alex, although tough on the outside, can be careless and has a long way to go before becoming a powerful Agent. The episode made Alex's character a lot more interesting however, she is really vulnerable right now and I'm excited to see how this progresses.

Overall, another great episode from Nikita! It was nice to take a break from Division trying to capture Nikita and instead seeing Michael and Nikita work together (sort of) to save Alex. One thing Nikita does well is balance out the drama and action with emotion and personal story lines. It would be easy for a show like Nikita to forget about the range of characters it has and focus purely on Nikita bringing down Division, I'm glad it takes a break and looks at the other characters in depth too!