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Nikita - Episode 1.13 - Coup De Grace - Review

Nikita returned for yet another brilliant episode last night, "Coup De Grace".

Alex is assigned her first mission as an Agent of Division. Alex and a team have been hired to kill the Prince of Georgia. Alex gives Nikita all the information so she is one step ahead of Division.

At the event, Nikita sneaks in early to warn the Princess of the plan to kill the Prince, however, Nikita soon discovers that in fact, the Princess is behind the plot and wants him dead. As Alex and Division storm the event, Nikita manages to get to the Prince and remove him from harm's way. It turns out that he is in love with a woman named Lila, after some tense scenes, Alex and Nikita reunite the two, Division once again fail the mission and Nikita escapes.

The episode was filled with tension as we saw Nikita and Alex work together while pretending to be enemies right under Division's nose. I do sometimes wonder if Division really are just plain stupid, it's all pretty obvious that Alex is working with Nikita. Michael grew evermore suspicious last night when he saw the reaction on Alex's face when she heard Nikita's voice. I think it's quite clear that Michael suspects Alex is the mole, what isn't clear is if Michael is on Nikita's side or Division's? Michael let Nikita get away again last night (can I just say the best getaway of the show so far - dressing up as an FBI agent! I loved it).

Lyndsy Fonesca is just brilliant. She plays Alex so well and the connection between her and Nikita grows each episode. Alex is such an awesome character who grows on me more and more every week. She pulled off some great "pretending to be evil" scenes last night. Maggie Q also pulled off some epic fight scenes this week killing two guards in Nikita style!

I think the writers need to start to progress with Michael and Nikita now. I think some of the fans are starting to get a bit tired with the whole does Michael love Nikita or not? Michael needs to make a decision. As a Mikita shipper, I am hoping that Michael and Nikita realise their love for each other.

Overall, yet another fantastic episode from Nikita. I do feel the show needs to move ahead now though. We understand that Michael is suspicious of Alex and that he still has feelings for Nikita, what's next? It's a shame Nikita gets a lot of hate from other fans on the CW. Networks make decisions based on the experience they have collected over years and it is a shame that a small group of fans seem to want Nikita to get cancelled purely because it "stole" a timeslot. Let's hope Nikita can keep up the ratings and get a second season! Me and the CW will be having serious words if this isn't the case!

What did you guys think?