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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 8th February 2011

I'm so worked up about this Bones proposal. Please tell me who Booth is going to ask to marry him! — Lisa
ADAM: Where's the fun in that? Executive producer Stephen Nathan summed up the episode in three words: Big. Game. Changer. "We've existed this whole year with Booth and Brennan accepting, admitting and also denying their feelings for each another and with Booth in a very serious relationship with another woman — much to the dismay of a lot of fans," Nathan says with a laugh. "I think the episode will be a satisfying conclusion to this story line and also a great start for the next development that happens in the show emotionally. It will be very difficult and very painful, and David [Boreanaz] really brings that home."

Any chance that Sookie and Alcide will get together this season on True Blood? — Danielle
NATALIE: "Timing is everything and the timing between those two could not have been worse, so we'll see where the time goes in Season 4," Joe Manganiello says. But factor this in: We're hearing that Alcide's loyalties might be split. His work for Eric is done, but Alcide has a new boss, and his interests diverge from those of Sookie.

When will the Red John case pick up again on The Mentalist? — Jacob
ADAM: Soon. Executive producer Bruno Heller tells us the next break in the Red John case will come just as LaRoche's mole hunt reaches fever pitch in the Feb. 24 episode. "When a suspect emerges, it's going to be immensely shocking to both Jane and our audience," he says.

What's the scoop on Martha's return to Smallville? — Chris
NATALIE: When Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) returns, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) will bond with her future mother-in-law. "For the first time, Lois is allowed to experience what it would be like to have a mother," Durance says.

How soon before Holly and Michael get their happy ending on The Office? — Chris
ADAM: After this week's Valentine's Day episode, they'll be well on their way. The episode is titled "PDA," and if you're a fan of Holly's adorable Yoda voice, there's more where that came from! Michael, meanwhile, frets that they're doomed to another abortive attempt at a long-distance relationship, but Holly has, as Oprah might say, an "a-ha moment" that leads her to make a life-changing decision.

Will Charlotte find out Cooper kissed Amelia on Private Practice? — Lee
NATALIE: Of course! Cooper lets it slip during couples counseling. "He feels pathetic and hypocritical," Paul Adelstein says. "It's not just what he did, but it was the timing of it, that it was after Charlotte's attack." Caterina Scorsone says it will result in a confrontation between Charlotte and Amelia.

I loved The Chicago Code. Will we ever see any romantic sparks between Teresa and Jarek? — Ashley
ADAM: It will be all business through at least the first three episodes, but as Jennifer Beals notes, you can't discount their history. "They have a very profound, deep relationship based on respect and a mutual regard for one another," she says. "I think that when you talk about romantic relationships, so often the base will be those very things." In the meantime, though, Jarek will come under fire (literally) when his fellow officers perceive that Teresa is playing favorites.

Is there hope for Damon and Elena on Vampire Diaries? — Carla
NATALIE: "In the lifetime of the series, every fan who 'ships either side of the triangle will have moments of hope," executive producer Julie Plec says. Does that mean we should stop asking? Well... "Stefan, Elena and Damon are a series-long journey for us," she says. "There are big moments coming up all around for them, lots of evolution of friendships and relationships, and questions of who loves who." You heard it, Dalena fans — moments!

I would love some Blue Bloods spoilers about Jamie. Is he going stay single? — Erin
ADAM: For the time being, yes. "I don't think he needs [a girlfriend] right now," Will Estes tells us. "I think now it's about him being confident, you could say, by himself, not only in his love life, but in his job too." He'll need his wits about him anyway, as we're hearing there will be major developments in the Blue Templar story line in the back half of the season.

Will Ryan turn against the Fifth Column on V? — Sam
NATALIE: Elizabeth Mitchell says it's possible, since his hybrid child's welfare is at stake. "His motivation for [working undercover] is the biggest: parent to child," she says. "It's a worry because Erica trusts him so completely."

Anything fun coming up on How I Met Your Mother? — Malcolm
ADAM: Robin's getting a new boyfriend — a fellow Canadian! He's sweet and lovable, but more like a pet than a partner. (Just wait until you see his first taxi ride.) Meanwhile, Barney's cardiologist will recommend that he wears a heart monitor for 24 hours, and no one will be more surprised than Barney by what gets his ticker racing.

Got scoop on No Ordinary Family? — Emily
NATALIE: Those of you who were hoping for The Shield to end with a shocking evil Vic Mackey twin reveal will sort of get your wish. In next week's episode, shapeshifter Victoria (Rebecca Mader) faces off against Jim Powell (as Jim Powell) in hopes of replacing him permanently.

Source: TV Guide