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Mad Men - Season 5 - January Jones Predicts Don & Betty's Affair

While the unknown ETA on Season 5 of "Mad Men" has us nervously sipping our afternoon martini, the cast seems relatively blasé about the lack of contracts and scripts.

'We don't even know when we're shooting," January Jones tells Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, on the Feb. 18 broadcast of "Live." "We show up when they give us a week's notice."

Pushing for plot details, the only way he can, Philbin also managed to get a prediction about what's in store for Betty and newly-betrothed Don (Jon Hamm). "Now we'll both be married to different people," she says. "So we'll have an affair with each other."

Ludicrous? Yes, but we guess it would sort of make sense. Don and Betty did declare a bit of an armistice in the Season 4 finale, sharing a drink in their former kitchen. And since Betty has been careening towards Joan Crawford territory, a biblical reconciliation with the ex could soften her up.

Not that Jones wants to play the fragile housewife of Season 1 ever again. She's happy being "Mommy Dearest."

"In the first couple of seasons, you're more sympathetic and you may even pity Betty," she says. "And now that she's become stronger and more independent and mean -- I guess -- I'm getting more offers to play mean people. I don't want to be sweet and nice."

Source: Zap 2 It

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