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Get your show on the SpoilerTV Banner - Other Networks Edition [CLOSED]

A few days ago we started our search for which shows would appear on a new SpoilerTV Banner that we're designing. You can read about it and the rules here.

The 6th show that has won a place onto the banner is Burn Notice, it joins Chuck, Castle, Fringe, Criminal Minds and Supernatural on the new banner. You can see the results at the time I took the reading below. Today sees the final place on the banner up for grabs.

Today it's the turn of the Other Network Shows Shows. Only 1 can win a place onto the banner. The 8 Below are the most popular "other" shows on SpoilerTV.

Please read the rules here, especially Rule 8)

"You must only tweet exactly what is generated by the Button, Adding extra text or changing it will discount your Tweet when we do the final count. "

So get Tweeting!

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