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Get your show on the SpoilerTV Banner - CW Edition [CLOSED]

Update: 16th Feb We've announced the winner here and you can now vote for which FOX Show you want on the banner here.

Ok people, as part of all the feedback we've been getting, it seems that it's time for us to freshen up the site design with a new banner.

Now, as with all things SpoilerTV, this is your site as much as it is ours so we are giving you the chance to get your show featured on the new banner that we'll be designing. It also serves as potential way for us to get a bit more exposure and hopefully some new regular readers of the site.

The format is very simple.

1) Every 3-4 days we will do a new post, one for each Network (CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and Other).
2) The Show with the most tweets when the next poll goes live, will get featured on the banner
3) The Other Network will be from a select list of shows from various other Networks eg Dexter, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who etc etc
4) We will announce the winners when the next network post goes live
5) We will repeat this new banner change every 6 Months in order to keep the site fresh and updated.
6) You can tweet as much as you like, however, Twitter only lets you tweet out the same thing every couple of hours so quick repeat Tweets probably won't count.
7) When you send a tweet out don't worry if the tweet count does not automatically refresh, sometimes there can be a slight delay.
8) You must only tweet exactly what is generated by the Button, Adding extra text or changing it will discount your Tweet.

Today we start with the CW Network

So simply tweet out using the buttons above for the show(s) that you want to be featured on our New Banner. Also if you run your own fan site for one of the shows listed let your readers know about this little competition.

Feel free to sound off in the comments if you have any problems with this as it's the first time we've tried something like this so there maybe some teething issues.

So get tweeting :)