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Fringe - Tweet Along With Jasika Nicole, Jeff Pinkner & J.H.Wyman During Tonights Episode!

Hey Fringe Fans,

During the two airings of the episode today there is going to be the chance to tweet and ask questions of Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner & J.H.Wyman on the East Coast Showing & the actress who plays Astrid, Jasika Nicole on the west coast. This is to time with tonights epic 'return to the scene of the crime' episode, Subject 13.
It's a great opportunity, I was tweeted by John Noble last time the Fringe team put one of these on, and although it's a shame John is't doing it again today, it's a chance for you to ask the people in the know exactly what is going on with Fringe.

The link for more information of the official Fringe site is HERE
Jasika Nicole Twitter: @FringeLabRat
J.H.Wyman Twitter: @JWFRINGE
Jeff Pinkner Twitter: @JPFRINGE

Looking at J.H.Wyman's twitter, it looks like he has been tweeting already to some fans, and has said he will try to make the West Coast Airing of the episode as well!

Enjoy and don't forget, if they reply to you, let us know so we can tell everyone else the news!

Twitter: AdDHarris