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Fringe - Interview with Wyman and Pinkner

WARNING: Minor spoilers, teasers, and speculation below:

Fringe head writers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner hinted at a big reveal in tonight's new episode, during a conference call with SpoilerTV and other entertainment news sites.

One reporter, who had already seen the new episode, entitled "Immortality," phrased his question vaguely so as not to spoil anything. He asked if the ramifications of the reveal will "make it's way to our universe sooner rather than later?"

Wyman and Pinkner responded, "The information and the reality of what is happening over there will get to our side rather sooner."

They mentioned that one thing they enjoy about Fringe is the ability to tell traditional, mundane storylines (like a man cheating on his girlfriend) in new ways (like a man cheating on his girlfriend with a version of her from another reality). "The reveal," they continued, "will not unfold in a way that I think is traditional."

They did not say what that reveal will be, but their comments seem to indicate Fauxlivia being pregant with Peter's child as a potential candidate. Fans have speculated about this possibility since the Observer made a comment to Peter in "The Firefly."

The writers were also asked about Sam Weiss. “Sam is a character that I feel safe in saying he still has many layers to reveal," they said. "His motivations will become clearer and you’ll get a better understanding. We’re not going to keep pushing it down the line and not answering because that frustrates everyone. Hopefully it will be something you don’t see coming.”

Peter will also come clean to Olivia about murdering the shapeshifters in an upcoming episode.

In terms of the overall story, Wyman and Pinkner explained that they are thrilled about setting entire episodes in the alternate reality. The different dynamics between the characters on the other side--Lincoln, Charlie, Broyles--are especially fun to write.

As long as ratings keep up, the writers have plans for the show through an entire fourth season and into a fifth. The end of this current season, "will be about setting up next season," they said. "We look at it like chapters. We have a few cards to lay down that I don’t think anyone expects.”

- Robby "Robz888" Soave

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