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Fringe - Episode Tables - 3.12 Concentrate & Ask Again Included (Updated with Reviewer Table)

UPDATE: Now Includes the Reviewer Table at the Bottom of the Post!

Hey Fringe Fans,

The twelfth episode of the third season aired a couple of days ago and the majority of the votes are in for 'Concentrate & Ask Again' and so I have added it to the episode tables to see where you voted for it:

As was to be expected for an episode for perhaps the first time this season to avoid it's main focus on the 'Grand Mythology' the votes took a sizeable dip, dumping 'Concentrate & Ask Again' to the bottom of this seasons episode table by some way. Perhaps slightly disappointingly this suggests that episodes from now on without a 'Main Storyline' focus will suffer critically.
That being said, Reciprocity was less loved than expected, dropping to joint last place before episode twelve aired. People not digging Peter's dark side perhaps...

The whole series episode table is below, and a chance to see how lowly the latest episode features, mixing it up with last seasons twelfth episode 'Johari Window':

The Reviewer Table:

As you can see, the episode is also rated at the bottom, but not by such a big margin as in the other polls.

Agree, Disagree with the positions? Comment Below!

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