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Camelot - Episode 1.01 - Review "Gritty Camelot Seduces the Viewer"

Gritty CAMELOT Seduces the Viewer

By Erika Blake

I’ve only been partially waiting for CAMELOT to arrive on STARZ, mostly because I’m a self-proclaimed Arthur snob and purist. While growing up, King Arthur was my second character love following Luke Skywalker after I discovered Mary Stewart’s wonderful MERLIN series. In those books Arthur is wonderfully rich and fleshed out. I’m always open for retellings of the classic tale, but there are things that will rapidly turn me off of an Arthurian retelling, such as Uther being portrayed as a bastard (Excaliber) or Arthur being stupid and weak (take your pick from films,) or the story being outright silly (Merlin.) Up until this point about the only telling that I fully approve of was the film KING ARTHUR; Clive Owen’s strength and grit as the king won me over.

I was optimistic about CAMELOT since it was going to be derived from the original source material. I’m happy to report that CAMELOT has everything that I’ve been looking for in an Arthur story and I can’t be more excited. With only a few familiar faces in the cast (Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, Claire Forlani as Irgraine, Eva Green as Morgan, Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur, and Phillip Winchester as Leontes) the rest of the roles have been filled with fresh faces.

The story begins with Uther’s untimely murder and Merlin races across the land to change young Arthur’s life forever by revealing his true heritage and destiny.

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