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Blood Ties - Plans for season 2 and beyond for the cancelled series

showrunner Peter Mohan shared his plans for season 2 and beyond of Blood Ties which was cancelled a few years ago after 22 episodes it aired on Lifetime in the US and several networks in Canada.


How could we have done it? We left poor Vicki Nelson abandoned by both Mike and Henry, and with a demon on the loose looking to use her to bring himself and his horde into this world... and to hold her close to him (yet another man abused by Vicki, but remaining caught by her strength, intelligence, spark... and well-filled-out clothing).

Nobody, not even us, would be heartless enough to want to leave her there for long. Or at least have to watch her in that plight. That's why I propose that we open Season 2 six months after the incidents in Episode 22.

A number of important things have happened in the intervening time.


It took Vicki a while to deal with what happened the night Astaroth took over Coreen's body and used her to get to Vicki. Henry moved away. It took a while to make sure Mike got his job back. A shaken Coreen had second thoughts about how “cool” tangling with demons was, abandoned her goth persona and took a job in a library up north. She has a new assistant, CRYSTAL, who Vicki hoped would be as dissimilar to Coreen as one could get.
Unfortunately, the comically bland Crystal shares Coreen's unfailing accuracy for putting her finger on Vicki's issues and doesn't let her get away with anything.

Over the intervening months, Vicki and Mike have seen each other with greater frequency. Mike has a tough time trusting that Vicki is really going to stick with him. He knows that even though Henry's not there, he's not forgotten either. Vicki's doing her best to show Mike that she's the same old Vicki she was before all of this started. And she's doing a pretty good job.... Even if it is a lie.

Since Astaroth headed out into the world in Father Casciolici's body, Vicki has known that he will turn up again. Odd cases have continued to come Vicki's way, albeit nothing as frightening as the cases Vicki, Henry and Mike fought last season, but Vicki knows that's not going to last forever. Vicki is scared of what Astaroth is doing out there, and she wonders when he's going to thrust himself into her life again. He still needs her. And, because of that, Vicki has been preparing. Without all of the supernatural lore that Coreen was around to offer to her, Vicki has secretly studied everything she could about demons, their connection to the supernatural phenomena she's been experiencing for the last year, and how she can use her demonic brands to her advantage in stopping them. In the premiere episode, after assuring Mike that the darkness is all behind them, we will see her secretly taking a big step and performing a blood ritual. The results will thrill and terrify her, taking her another step towards the darkness Henry warned her about.


Henry has made good on his threat to move away, in fact to Vancouver a city he had travel brochures for in the last few episodes (though Xenu knows how we'd get the budget to travel all the way out to Vancouver from Toronto to shoot it).
*In case you don't know, Blood Ties was filmed in Vancouver, so I think they could have afforded it ;-)
Xenu is the dictator of of "Galactic Confederacy" according to scientology.*

He's been living the life, enjoying the city's laid-back atmosphere and taking night hikes through the mountains, enjoying night dives in the ocean and brushing up on his less-than-stellar night golf game.

But something's missing. He misses the energy of the bigger city. And he misses Vicki. but he knows better than to contact her and open up those wounds again.
*What - Vancouver is a smaller city?*


Mike has won back his job on the Toronto police force after being hailed as the hero of the Tang kidnapping case. Although Crowley was intent on his dismissal, Vicki used her contacts at one of the city daily papers to make sure Mike's heroism was recognized.

Crowley couldn't fire him, but she's not happy about it. In fact, she knows she needs more information about what he's really up to to make her next run at him stick.
The Internal Affairs detective she's got assigned to the case, KARCHER, might actually get uncomfortably close to Vicki and Mike's supernatural activities over the next season, perhaps even learning the whole story. With an opportunist like Karcher involved, who knows what could happen if he found out. Blackmail? Extortion? Murder?

Mike and Vicki have been close the last while. It took her a few months to get him to trust her again, but it looks like they're really close. Almost like Mike's forgetting the shadow of Henry that hung over their relationship. Almost.


A number of things come to a head in the premiere episode. It turns out that the vampire Henry sold his territory to is not as worried about keeping a low profile with his feeding and lifestyle as Henry was. TABAKOV is a younger vamp, one who enjoys the fear chemicals released into a victim's blood. He often holds them and relishes their terror as he drains them slowly to their death.

When Tabakov is careless and lets the body of one of his victims be found, Mike suddenly has the sick realization that it all might be starting up again. He visits Vicki and together they investigate, proving to themselves that Henry's successor might be on a rampage. Vicki does what she swore she wouldn't do. She takes it upon herself to find Henry.

When she does track Henry down in a club in Vancouver, Henry has the fleeting hope that she's come to be with him. But she tells him she needs his help to clean up the mess he left by selling his hunting ground. Henry says he doesn't owe her anything. But he does realize that a rogue vampire hurts everyone. He warns her that he has sold the area. If he were to transgress the agreement he made, he could be putting himself in a situation where it would be open season on him from every vampire in the world. But that doesn't stop him from coming. And it doesn't stop either one of them from having the old feelings flood back at them as they prepare to go out on another case.

We very quickly establish the old tensions... and the old jokes... as Mike, Henry and Vicki work together to locate and destroy Tabakov.

As the first episode closes, our triangle is once more firmly in place. Henry is back in his old digs which have been sealed up since he left. He knows, as do the others that he has made a new raft of powerful enemies in the vampire world and that it might well have become open season on Fitzroy. He also knows though that vampires won't work in concert. And Henry believes he's more than a match for any single vampire that tries to take him. We'll see about that.

And, with the triangle dynamic firmly restored, we will shift back into a lighter tone with Mike, Henry and Vicki working out their cases and relationships through their customary clever banter.


One of the core arcs for the season will be Astaroth's plan. Vicki is almost obsessed by finding out what he's got in store for her. She always keeps a photo of Father Cascioli with her and is always inclined to ask people involved in the episodic monster case of the week if they've seen him.

While Astaroth's influence will be felt in many of the cases Vicki and Henry undertake, we will only see him three or four times throughout the series. As Astaroth stated in episode 22, his main interest is to subvert heaven's dominance in the world. He believes that people are basically evil... but just need a bit of help to deliver on that. Once his demons are freed, his power to realize this goal will be irresistible. And, once again, his key to opening this door is still Vicki.

When Astaroth is seen, it is usually a meeting which he instigates. He pops up at the last time or place that Vicki would expect. Whether it's in a church where he's just been hearing confessions and doling out poisoned advice or in a sleazy bar where Vicki's gone to drown her sorrows and he shows up at the next stool, offering to buy her a drink. He will constantly try to provide her with a counter attitude to Henry's hatred for the darkness. And what's frightening to Vicki is that half the time he seems to make sense.

And the more Vicki uses the magic she's delving into, the more she begins a slide which may position her to do exactly what Astaroth is looking for... even if inadvertently.

It's only in Episode 13 that we will learn how much Astaroth has accomplished behind the scenes in this visit to Earth. And our people might be powerless to stop him.



Another gripping event to shape the arc of character interactions is a storyline where Mike is transporting a serial killer, DOLE. Dole was a guy who was a solid citizen before committing a series of grisly murders.

As they travel back to Toronto, Dole begins talking to Mike. His bizarre rambling speech begins to convince Mike there’s more to this guy than meets the eye. Mike’s learned to spot... and believe in the supernatural pretty easily now.

And then Dole touches Mike. Mike blacks out and when he wakes up, the car is on the side of the road and the killer is gone. What Mike finds out is that something has happened to him. He slowly begins to realize he's become infected by whatever evil drove Dole to commit his crimes. And when that evil takes over, it twists Mike’s body into a reptilian horror that lives on human pain and fear. Mike begins having blackouts during which more and more murders begin to happen.

Mike pulls away from Vicki, not wanting her to get hurt if he loses control of himself. And, over a number of episodes, he works to track down the killer to find out more about what is taking him over. And if it’s possible to stop it.

The roles are reversed from the early episodes where Mike counseled Vicki to cut herself off from Henry, “The bloodthirsty monster”. Now Henry has to warn Vicki about staying emotionally involved with Mike whose murderous demonic side might come out at any moment... no matter how hard he tries to control it.

*So that's at least one new recurring character - Crystal, Vicki's new assistant.
And we might also meet Karcher(the IA guy) more than once.

And of course Father Casciolici/Astaroth...

The new resident vampire, Tabakov and Dole the serial killer sound like they might only be in one episode each.

Sadly, it's goodbye Coreen.*

Source : Blood Ties Central

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