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Adams TV Teasers - Issue 9 - SpoilerTV Exclusive - Chuck, True Blood, Torchwood, The Mentalist & more...

Hey Guys,

TV Teaser time is upon us once more. There's quite a bit this week, dig in!

Episode 4.20 is entitled 'Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff.'

Guest starring is Ellyas, a mid 30's African American. He's a Somali Pirate type Badass Guerilla fighter who thinks he's the toughest man on earth.
Needless to say, the only man he fears turns up and suddenly Ellyas changes his tone.

The Mentalist
Episode 3.19 is entitled 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn.'

THe guest lead of the episode is called Erica, in her 30's and a very attractive professional.
She may seem warm hearted and sincere but under her exterior is a cunning operator who challenges Jane on every level.

True Blood
Episode 4.05 is entitled 'I Hate You, I Love You.'

Don Bartolo, a badass Mexican man. Yes, that's right... and he's in a flashback of the 1940s, playing Jesus' terrifying & intimidating grandfather.
Also a 7 episode guest star enters the fray, Raoul who is the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport.

Episode 7.20 is entitled 'Nothing for Something.'

Guest starring is Charles a handsome, affluent and dangerously charismatic killer.
He seduces his victims with charm, then has a 'wildly sensual evening with them'... And then he strangles them... Nice!
Despite owning up for his crimes, he adamently insists he has nothing to do with the disappearance of a close friend.

The Good Wife
Episode 2.18

Jarvis is a reformed rapist & murderer who will soon be released after serving time for his killings in the 1980s.
Despite apologising to his victims daughter, theres is still something... off about him! Dun dun dun...
The official synopsis of the episode states that Alicia goes to bat for a young wman soon to be deported. Meanwhile Will & Alicia seek to stop a convicted murderer profiting from him crime.

Blue Bloods
Episode 1.17 is entitled 'To Tell the Truth.'

Luke Green is a 40 year old Narcotics Special Prosecutor who's struggling to bring down crimelord Alejandro Bardha.
When Danny agrees to help him testify against the crimelord, something is revealed that... complicates things!
The official synopsis states that Danny's investigation into Bardha becomes personal when he kidnaps Linda before Danny testifies. And that isn't the complication I mentioned before.

Episode 5

A two episode guest lead called Colin Maloney enters, a caucasian man who is a pedant and a condescending misogynist.
Also featuring is 'Blue Eyed Man,' an Indian who has a small role in this episode, but is 'clearly important in a slightly mysterious way!' Spooky! Expect him to return in episode 8 & 9.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Episode 11.18 is entitled 'Hitting the Cycle.'

Guest star of the episode is Kevin, a smart ass who is also inappropriate & insensitive. I was thinking what a douche, and that's how he is officially described; 'an asshold douche.'
He's a new coroner's assistant and claims that the corpses he dealt with in LA were better looking. What?!
The official storyline of the episode is that the CSI's start a frenzy of betting pools when it looks like they're about to hit The Cycle: a homicide, suicide, accidental death and natural death all in one shift!

Episode 3.21

Mr. Liman is described as a top of the show guest star, playing a history teacher who gives Naomi a hard time.

Raising Hope
Episode 1.19 is entitled 'Sleep Training.'

A small bit of casting news, Little-G; described as a little-person and a friend of Jimmy's girlfriend Zoe. Oh, and when he gets drunk he acts out scenes from the movie 'Problem Child 2.'

In Plain Sight
Episode 4.04 is entitled 'Meet the Shannons.'

The synopsis of the episode is that Mary has to deal with an emotional & rebellious teenage girl who is angry at her mum after discovering her past life has been one big lie.

Episode 1.19 is entitled 'Girls Best Friend.'

Guest Starring is Kalume Ungara, the bad boy son of Liberian President Ngube Ungara.
He's the perfrect son, public figure by day, weapons trafficker by night. He also creates Chemical Weapons... Diverse kid!

Cougar Town
Episode 2.20

The producers are looking for children to play 'Creepy Kids.' No idea what they are doing other than being creepy :P

No Ordinary Family
Episode 1.20

A menacing super-villain with the power of harnessing Electricity. Shit! He's called Ben Nazaire by the way. Badass!

Episode 2.12 is entitled 'Leverage.'

The storyline of the episode is that after Helen is shot dead by Dickie Bennett, Raylan is willing to pull any strings and upset any pre-existing Harlan County alliance in order to get Dickie behind bars.

That's all the TV Teasers for this week. Hope you enjoyed them

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