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V - Episode 2.01 - Red Rain - Review

Last night saw the much anticipated return of V with its Season 2 premiere “Red Rain”. The episode was full of answers, in fact, we probably learnt more about the Visitors and their intentions in that one episode than we did last season.

The episode kicked off where season 1 ended, the sky had turned red. A lack of communication from the Visitors and Anna caused panic on the earth as people thought the end was coming. After red rain fell from the sky, Anna informed the people on Earth that the red rain was there to help fix the environmental problems the Earth suffers such as making land fertile and stopping global warming. However, Erica and the others later found out that in fact, the red rain was high in phosphorous. Ryan revealed that the Visitors needed phosphorous to breed. Are the Visitors planning to use the humans for breeding?

We also discovered that while pregnant with Tyler, Erica suffered from high phosphorous levels which led her to wonder if the Visitors had experimented on her. The revelations about the Visitors lacked somewhat in excitement for me. Although I enjoyed the plot, I was hoping for something a little bit more interesting and unpredictable.

The episode also focused on Anna and her possible feelings of human emotion after her soldiers were destroyed. The captains of the other ships doubted her as Queen. To prove them wrong, Anna killed one of the other captains. Later on, Anna also killed the remaining soldiers. She admitted that their death had made her act in an unacceptable way. Although this fooled the Visitors, the audience have been left wondering if Anna will be turning soft later on in the season. Her mother, Dianna, showing up at the end also makes things more suspicious.

Overall, the episode was fast moving and a great start to the season for me! It has opened up many questions about the Visitors especially Lisa and Anna. Now Joshua has been revived it will be interesting to see if he remembers anything about his actions before his death. The Fifth Column now also has two new members, Chad and a scientist who had been investigating the Visitors. Hopefully the second season of V will keep the pace up. As the episode order has now been cut, the second season looks to be the last so let’s hope for lots of answers and a great conclusion.

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