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True Blood - Episode 4.01 - She's Not There - Small Teaser From Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has said “True Blood” fans can expect an “epic” fight between her character, Queen Sophie Anne of Louisiana, and Stephen Moyer’s Bill Compton, when the show returns this summer.

“Of course there will be a resolution. And we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but it will be epic,” Evan said of the fight scene between the two vampires that began just as Season 3 of the Alan Ball series wrapped up last fall, when asked by reporters following her 2011 Winter TCA panel for her HBO miniseries “Mildred Pierce.”

While she couldn’t reveal plot details, she said she has a feeling Queen Sophie Anne, who makes her living illegally pushing vampire blood, may have a reversal of fortunes.

“I think she’ll get what she deserves,” Evan laughed.

Evan revealed she’s filmed one episode so far, reuniting with Stephen.

“It’s been great. It’s one of the funnest sets I’ve worked on,” she said of being back. “[There’s]’s just always something crazy [happening].”

There will be “lots of blood,” she added.

The actress, who is also cast in a March 2011 HBO miniseries, “Mildred Pierce,” said she’s glad to be back on set of the vampire show.

“‘True Blood’ is just a blast; it’s fun; it’s scary; it’s sexy; it’s hilarious,” she said.

Source: Access Hollywood