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Shit My Dad Says - Episode 1.12 - Goodson Goes Deep - Recap

Ed is scrubbing the spot where his bulldog made a mess. “Ah Rootbeer. If you can't hump it or eat it, you pee on it. We are not that different you and me.” Ed has his most lovable moments when he is alone.

Henry got the day off and asks his dad if he wants to spend it with him. Before he even finishes asking him, Ed says he is busy. He has to go to Authentic Carl's the sports memorabilia shop to buy up a ball used in the Cincinnati Reds' last game played at Crosby field. He doesn't mind if Henry tags along for the ride.

Just then Vince announces that he and Bonnie are trying to have a baby, but find little privacy living under one roof. Ed has a solution. He tells them that they can live in his garage.

At the shop, Ed finds out that his ball has been sold for more money than he was going to pay for it. In that case, Ed wants to know who he sold it to, so he can get it back, yet Carl won't divulge the information. He has customer integrity but not honour.

Ed is not giving up. He wants Henry to distract Carl, while he steals the address. He jumps the counter instead of just walking around it. In the process, he breaks Carl's most valuable commemorative plates.

While staking out the house of the people who bought the ball. Ed tells Henry why he is particularly sentimental about this particular ball. It represented a happy part of his childhood spent with of his own father. This makes Henry a little jealous at first.

Every Saturday, when he was nine, his father took him to see the game. Not at the stadium where grown men drink and smoke; he took him to a bar to watch it on TV.

Did they talk? They hardly ever spoke. In fact, his father left him alone to watch the game, while he was upstairs helping the barmaid with her taxes.

Henry clues in that since Ed's dad was a farmer, he was not an expert on taxes. He was thoroughly disgusted by Ed's dad cheating on his wife every week and puzzled at how Ed could be so positive about the whole thing.

The garage is filthy. No matter how they imagine it would be like, Vince and Bonnie are having second thoughts about living in Ed's garage and about starting a family.

Vince finds his boyhood things cleaning up the garage. Toys he used to play with. A steak knife he used a block, old leather and a surgical glove filled with sand called Mr. Chicken. If Vince can stay so positive and made do with the toys he got, Bonnie was ready to have babies with him. Aw! Just not in a dirty garage. Before they move back into the house, they decide not to waste the air mattress they had inflated.

In the end, although disappointed that he couldn't get his ball back, Ed did agree with Henry that it was a fun day and admitted that he likes the idea of spending time together. There is just way too much family time already. Needing to go into the house through the garage, they accidentally interrupt Vince and Bonnie in the process of trying to conceive.

For once, Vince and Bonnie doesn't seem so two dimensional. Of course they've been building up to that for a couple of episodes now. So there might actually be a little Goodson in the future.
As an added bonus, action Ed does his best impression of TJ Hooker, spoofing his way over the hood of his Oldsmobile. That was hilarious. I guess the name of the bar, McGill's Tavern is probably named for McGill University in Montreal, Shatner's alma mater.


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