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NCIS Poll - Do you like Tiva?

Hi, you all! I've seen a lot of people talking about NCIS on Facebook. Their thoughts were divided. Some people can't live without a Tiva Moment in every single episode; others can't stand hearing that name, and some used to be fans but don't support the couple anymore.
"Now you are speaking in a language that I do not understand."
Well, life's happening. It's good to have those different opinions. Diplomacy sucks when everybody agrees, says Tom Clancy. Anyway, I'd like to bring that discussion to SpoilerTV. So, do the audience want Tiva or not?
I don't know if TPTB care about the opinions expressed in this or any blog but theirs, but we the blog (or just me) do and would like to know what you, loyal readers (or not so loyal) think of Tony and Ziva's relationship.

I myself love the idea, but would only enjoy the scene in which they finally give up the act and admit to each other their true feelings for each other on the final episode of the series. Yeah, it sounds kind of cliché to anyone who has seen JAG's series finale, but I guess it's a good way to bend Gibbs' rule without turning the show into a soup opera (or CSI:NY). Let me know down in the comments if you agree or not! ;)

I know, really lame... But admit you smiled, at least!
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