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Blue Mountain State - Episode 2.13 - Riot - Review

We've come to the end of season two for Blue Mountain State, so why not end it with a riot?

After we learn very quickly that the football team won that game they were so worried about last week, everyone decides to riot. This is not uncommon in sports, though it continues to baffle me; I can see being upset and destroying things in frustration at a horrible loss, but what's up with breaking stuff over a victory? As Sammy says, "What the hell are they rioting for? We won!"

Sammy, Mary Jo and the cheerleaders hide inside the Goathouse from a big, unruly mob, and after noticing this on TV, Alex tries to rally the football team into action to save them (okay, and the beer and the drugs). Together with Thad and some of the other players, he sets out on a rescue mission. The lesser-known players are picked off fairly quickly, like a bad horror movie. They're forced to turn to Radon, still bitter that he didn't get to be the hero, for help. Alex, Thad and Radon team up to take back their house and restore order, and it's pretty darn ridiculous how that happens. The show really goes for broke in the final episode, and between the library raid, the couch on fire, and the use of a Taser, it works.

Meanwhile, Coach Daniels is stuck in his office with Debra and Dean Simon. "Now they're drunk enough to riot, but not drunk enough to pass out!" he tells the dean, after hearing that the stadium stopped serving alcohol at halftime. Once the dean leaves, he and Debra jump each other. Finally, the dean begs Coach Daniels to help end the riot, while finally realizing that his wife is sleeping with his archnemesis. All I can say is: took him long enough. The rest of us figured it out a long time ago.

There's some ingenious use of just about everything as a weapon in this episode, with all-out insane scenes not unlike the conclusion of National Lampoon's Animal House (which I gather was an inspiration here). It's a classic case of complete mayhem being treated as if it's deadly serious, and it works. The proverbial cherry on top is that Alex and Mary Jo appear to finally get together, after a whole season of very obvious flirtation. I admit that I thought her a crazy stalker at first, but she's actually grown on me, and I wonder how their relationship will affect them both.

This being my first full season of Blue Mountain State, I can say that while these are people who might drive me crazy in real life, doing things I would never do, but all the same, I've come to enjoy spending a half hour with them every week. There's certainly nothing else like this on television.

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Brittany Frederick
Twitter: @tvbrittanyf

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